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Do you have a strong and long-term relationship with your partner? Then it’s time for you to throw the condoms in the trash can. This type of contraceptive has long been outdated and does not meet modern requirements. Sex in condoms is not sexy and not as pleasant as without them. 

Legacy way 

Science does not stand still. Today, there are many methods for contraception that can be used by a man and a woman. Candles, tablets or spiral. It is worth remembering that each of these contraceptives has its own side effects. And in order to use them, you should consult a doctor. But gynecologists say that if you are making love with a regular partner, you need to get rid of such frivolous toys as condoms. 


They don’t bring pleasure

Many girls don’t understand why guys don’t like condoms. In this case, men recommend that ladies put a rubber glove on their hand and peel off their finger. Well, how does it feel? Indeed, without condoms, physiological contact is much brighter, orgasms are stronger. 


spiritual intimacy

Many couples who have thrown condoms in the trash say their relationship has grown closer. Although the thickness of the rubber contraceptive is 0.2 millimeters, it is still a barrier between two people. Let this barrier be psychological. Having got rid of barriers, a new level of intimacy, spiritual contact and trust arises between lovers. 

Does not protect against pregnancy

It has long been proven fact – if you do not want to get pregnant, do not have sex. Or have lesbian sex. There is no way to avoid conception 100%. If the Universe wants a new life to be born in you, neither a condom nor hormonal pills will protect you. 


Interrupt in a fit of passion in order to find a condom. To tear it with your teeth, put it on and make the girl wait. And then look for a place to throw it away. Worry about the condom breaking. All this is not the sex you dreamed of, is it?

All of the above reasons do not apply if you are having sex for the first time with a person about whom you know practically nothing. After all, you can get a funny gift from him – a number of sexually transmitted diseases or even worse AIDS. Therefore, if you like sex for one night, you also like to carry condoms with you.

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