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Friends forever: critics chose the best character in the cult series


allforwomen.inform.click found out who reviewers were absolutely delighted with

It’s hard to believe, but the cult series of the 90s is already 25 years old! During this time, the Friends project managed to receive an incredible number of awards, a generation has changed, but most importantly, the series is still considered one of the most beloved for every third person on the planet.

In honor of the holiday date, critics were asked to answer the question: which of the "friends" is the best? Naturally, opinions were divided, and not ordinary viewers chose it, but critics from major world publications. So, here is the result.

Phoebe was considered not a very bright character. Actress Lisa Kudrow, of course, showed a brilliant game, but the critics were not impressed with the heroine, nevertheless, Lisa managed to "subtly present a girl with an unconventional intellect."

Friends forever: critics chose the best character in the cult series

Joey won a little more love, but here the critics agreed that Matt LeBlanc’s charisma is able to pull out any plot.

Interestingly, not only the main characters were noted, but also secondary characters, and not always people – so the critics liked the monkey, the owner of which, according to the script, was Ross. Some suggested giving the first place to her.

Chandler Bing pulled out by a wide margin, garnering the most votes in his favor. Against the background of the "whiner Ross, the selfish Rachel, the extravagant Phoebe and the nervous Monica," Chandler seemed to the reviewers the most pleasant hero.

Friends forever: critics chose the best character in the cult series

Despite the fact that opinions were divided, critics agreed only that the heroines Monica and Rachel are not only unpleasant, but also irritate many. However, the audience may not agree – it is still difficult to imagine this story without the participation of at least one of the characters. In addition, many experts in the field of psychology came to a consensus: this series is an excellent sedative after a working day and does not carry any negativity that our lives are already filled with. Who is your favorite character in this story?

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