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Holiday shopping secrets


In the last weeks before the holidays, consumer activity increases several times. People tend to please their loved ones with gifts. Stores try to satisfy this need by displaying attractive products on the windows, inviting visitors with various promotions. However, often pre-holiday purchases may not be as profitable as advertised.

Store owners, of course, are well aware that the demand for their products will increase a couple of weeks before the New Year, before Defender of the Fatherland Day, March 8, St. Valentine’s Day. And, of course, they expect to earn as much as possible at this time. Try not to fall for their bait and make really profitable purchases.

Many people choose gifts in the last remaining days before the holidays. Before that, they saved money or they simply had no time. There is little pleasure in making your way through the crowd of customers in the store. Plan your time and finances so that you can buy the necessary things in early December, when prices have not yet skyrocketed. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can choose what you really need, and at the same time not overpay. And themed New Year’s souvenirs begin to appear on the shelves from mid-November.

Make a list of what you plan to gift. It is better to start doing this in November so that you have time to think and change your mind. After work, when going shopping, pay attention to prices. So you can calculate where which item is sold cheaper. It is better to write down this information so as not to get confused in the pre-holiday turmoil.

Pay attention to online shopping. Discounts in online stores are much more common. In addition, usually discounted goods on the site are much easier to find than in a regular store.

Set aside a day for yourself to make the necessary purchases. Go shopping in a good mood, be sure to have a bite to eat before. Check your purchases against a pre-prepared list.

Store owners have their own methods of attracting customers. This is the interior, made in red tones, and Christmas incense based on cognac or cinnamon. These things act on the subconscious and make you make unnecessary purchases. Keep this in mind and spend your money wisely.

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