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Many lines, articles and books are devoted to the relationship between a man and a woman. But, even after reading a hundred books about sex, not every woman knows exactly what a man wants in bed. Therefore, information on this issue, especially laid out in the form of a list, will not be superfluous for any woman who wants to be sexy and desirable. Sexual pleasure is an art. It sometimes takes years to learn.

What does a man want in bed?

  • 1 A man wants to see an attractive woman next to him. And it doesn’t matter if she walks down the street next to him or lies next to him in bed. A woman was originally created to radiate beauty. For whom? For men. Be always and everywhere beautiful, lovely women! Show up before the eyes of your loved one in full glory, in stunning underwear, stockings or a peignoir. They will forget about "porn" and will only look at you. By the way, surveys have shown that most men do not like all sorts of frills and ruffles on underwear. So everything should be in moderation.
  • 2 A man wants to see a woman in bed who feels good next to him. For him, it is even more important than his own pleasure. A real man will be proud that HIS woman is happy with HIM in bed, that she got an orgasm, that he was able to give her real pleasure.
  • 3 If not all, then many people do not like the monotonous and the same. The same is true with sex. Having shown imagination, you will diversify your sex life and bring new notes to the relationship with your partner. A man wants to see a dreamer in bed – this turns him on. Probably, role-playing games were invented by men with great imagination.
  • 4 As a continuation of the topic, the word "experiment" sounds. New is always interesting, including in bed. Refresh your sexual relationship with something new and you will never get bored of it. Looseness in bed with your man does not mean vulgarity at all. It’s just interesting and exciting.
  • 5 A man does not like to "buzz around" in constant search of his partner’s erogenous zones. He loves when she herself tells him about them, shows them and even teaches how to handle them. This can be done not directly on the forehead, but with the help of a joke or gentle: "Yes, it’s here …". Well, or something like that. Think according to the situation. Whisper different playful words – this, by the way, is very exciting for some men.
  • 6 Sometimes a man wants to do without foreplay in bed and stupidly take his woman. No need to be offended by him. He is a hunter, he is a getter, he is a man, after all. And sometimes all sorts of veal tenderness just strain him. It’s okay to let him do things like that sometimes. Perhaps you yourself will like this sex. For variety.
  • 7 Many (if not all) men enjoy sex with multiple partners. True, not everyone had to try it in life …
  • 8 Men love oral sex. But each of them somehow represents it in its own way: a different beginning, speed, execution methodology, in general. Here you already need to be an attentive woman, listen to his body language and adjust to the desires of your friend.

They say that a good lover knows exactly what her man wants in bed. And the bad one … But why is it needed at all?

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