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Hollywood celebrities and their theatrical activities


Hollywood stars do not part with the theater and from time to time delight the audience with their magnificent works on stage. There is no huge number of doubles here, and only his own skill and talent saves the actor from failure.

Hollywood actors often try their hand at the theater to prove their talent and ability to show themselves in different roles. So Katie Holmes, the former wife of Tom Cruise, decided to try herself in a serious dramatic role. She wanted to take part in a Broadway production called All My Sons, which was written by playwright Arthur Smith, husband of Marilyn Monroe.

According to one version, the playwright wrote his work based on his personal life, some believe that Arthur Smith created the drama under the influence of Ibsen’s Wild Duck. It is very strange to see Katie Holmes in this mysterious play, because this actress has never starred in serious works. The star is famous for her performance in the TV series Dawson’s Creek, which was popular not only in America but also abroad.

Daniel Radcliffe says he’s tired of his character type and wants to try acting. The young actor got the role of a mentally ill teenager in the play "Ecus". The production is expected to be popular with fans and peers of Daniel Radcliffe.

British actress Kristin Scott Thomas has repeatedly taken part in theatrical plays. She played her first roles in French dramas. Her last stage role will be in Chekhov’s drama The Seagull. Kristin Scott Thomas has the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Theater and Film Actress.

The actress got a responsible role, she will play Arkadina, who is the prototype of the wife of Anton Pavlovich himself – Olga Knipper-Chekhova. Therefore, Christine for her participation in the academic production can be called a serious theater artist.

Jude Law chose to play Hamlet. The actor is not the first time trying his hand at the theater, in 1995 he was nominated for the Broadway production of "Indiscretion" for the World Theater Award and the Tony Award. Inimitable Jude Law in 2002 played a major role in the play "Doctor Faustus".

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