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Women experience an orgasm not with every sexual intercourse. That is why there are so many myths around this sensation and an increasing number of people are interested in its secrets. Julia Arres, President of the Association of Sexologists, talks about how to experience an orgasm with every sexual intercourse and deliver the highest degree of pleasure to your partner.

Prerequisites for the onset of orgasm

How to understand if a woman is capable of an orgasm. This question worries many, but the answer is very simple – any woman is capable of it. The question is only to sufficiently stimulate the erogenous zone, the location of which can only be determined empirically. If a woman experiences an orgasm during masturbation or oral sex from a partner, then she can orgasm.

How to achieve the desired pleasure when having sex with a partner? It depends on a lot of circumstances such as the experience of both. Even the inexperience of one of the lovers is more than offset by the experience of the second, who either knows what to do or knows what he wants. You also need to understand that the willingness to experiment in bed, such as new positions for orgasm or affection from a partner in intimate places, contribute to greater openness and looseness, which increases the chance of getting a cherished feeling.


Impact zones

A very long time ago, Freud divided orgasms into two types: vaginal and clitoral. However, he was of the opinion that only mature women can experience vaginal pleasure. Modern science has destroyed this stereotype and proved that orgasm in women in any case occurs with stimulation of the clitoris.

Of course, there are other sensitive areas, but the vast majority of women are most susceptible when exposed to this particular area. Another 15% are considered difficult to receptive, since their erogenous zone is the cervix. But there are zones on the surface of the body that stimulate the activity of her muscles. These are nipples, with a certain impact on them, nerve impulses cause contraction of the muscles of the cervix, which contributes to irritation of the receptors inside it and causes a high degree of pleasure.

To stimulate the clitoris, it is better to use special poses for orgasm, such as "officer", when a woman lies on her back, and her feet are on her partner’s shoulders. In this position, there is strong pressure on the front machines of the vagina, which makes it possible to get an orgasm in women. "Knee-elbow" will help answer the question of how to experience an orgasm, because the hands are free for both the partner and the woman, which makes it possible to further stimulate the clitoris. In addition, it compensates for inconsistencies in the body structure of lovers, if the penis is too small, then deeper penetration is possible, and if it is too large, then it can be limited.

It also happens that the clitoris is very close to the vagina, then additional stimulation is not needed, because the penis will touch the sensitive zone with each friction and thereby cause pleasure.


Stereotypes of sex life

The desire to give your partner more pleasure than yourself is a sign of a great lover. Such a partner very often knows how to experience an orgasm for a woman. He is ready for anything to satisfy his protégé, knows the most effective positions for orgasm and uses them, bringing variety and zest to sexual relations.

It is very important that both partners are maximally tuned in to enjoy the process. You can create it in many ways, and a romantic dinner, although it has the right to life, is much more effective than foreplay and role-playing games that spur desire. Spontaneity is also a very good technique to induce orgasm in women.

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