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For many women, orgasm is one of the most vivid experiences in life. No matter how strange it may sound. Yes, even childbirth – physiology plays a big role for us. For comparison: a man, answering the question about the most exciting events, most often remembers something related to his activities.

The female orgasm requires knowledge of the characteristics of not only physiology, but also psychology. So, how to bring a girl to orgasm?

How to bring the woman you love to orgasm

No need to pounce on her with a hungry beast – she can feel that they want to take her by force – what kind of pleasure is there? Only a very few women experience the pleasure of rough treatment – the so-called domestic masochists, about whom the psychoanalyst Alexander Poleev writes (learn about the meaning of the name Alexander in this article).

In other cases (and most of them), gentle handling will be required. To begin with, the girl needs to be “warmed up" with foreplay. Leisurely kissing, whispering in your ear about your fantasies (girls love it). We are especially delighted with kisses on the neck – this place is one of the most powerful erogenous zones on the female body.

In order for the girl to be properly aroused, you can caress each other blindfolded, without touching the genitals – by “turning off” your vision for a while, you will concentrate on your own feelings and the excitement will come even faster.

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When a girl feels ready for sex, and she will definitely show this in the form of moans and or a frank request to take her, you can move on to more decisive actions.

95% of women experience an orgasm from clitoral stimulation – or a clitoral orgasm. Not everyone has worked out with the vaginal – well, and God bless him, the pleasure itself is important to us. It is necessary to stimulate the clitoris with circular movements of medium strength – “pinching” can injure this delicate part of the body. The best position – doggy style – when a man is behind and at the same time caresses the girl’s clitoris. And the girl herself needs to strain and relax the intimate muscles – this will help to achieve orgasm even faster.

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You should not take all this as an instruction – sex is a sphere that does not accept any schemes. And don’t strain yourself trying to "rub the fire" – over-zealousness can cause soreness. Relax and fulfill the wishes of your girlfriend – she certainly knows what works in her case.

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