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How to choose autumn shoes


Autumn shoes should not only be beautiful and fashionable. It is important to choose a model with a comfortable shoe, waterproof top and non-slip sole. It is these shoes that will make you feel comfortable in cool and wet weather. The style depends on what clothes you plan to wear shoes with.


Shoes for rainy weather can be sewn from natural or artificial leather. The latter option is preferable. Artificial leather does not absorb water, shoes do not deteriorate and do not lose their attractive appearance. If you prefer natural materials, choose high-soled shoes with water-repellent treated uppers. Do not buy shoes made of textiles or thin suede, such models will quickly lose their attractive appearance. But patent leather shoes in the fall look very appropriate. With proper care, patent leather will last a long time.


Light shoes are not the best choice for autumn. On such shoes, every drop of dirt will be noticeable. In addition, light-colored shoes visually increase the size of the foot. Much more practical models of dark complex colors. These shoes are suitable for clothes of different shades and visually make the feet more elegant.


Pay attention to the sole. In order not to slip on wet ground or fallen leaves, choose shoes with thick grooved soles. Resilient, flexible materials are preferred, such as polyurethane. Such a sole will provide comfort, the gait will become easy, the legs will be less tired. If the shoes have leather soles, have them rolled up at a good workshop, this procedure will prolong the life of the shoes.


Don’t buy high heels. The best choice is a thick and moderately high heel or a stable wedge. These shoes are not only comfortable, but also fashionable, besides, they go well with wool trousers, jeans, coats and other demi-season clothing.


The upper of the shoe should be fairly closed. Shoes that cover the instep are warmer and more comfortable. If the model has lacing or a zipper, make sure that it starts as high as possible from the sole. Then water will not get inside the shoes even in heavy rain.


The lining is also very important. Particularly comfortable shoes with an insole made of genuine leather or high-quality non-woven textiles. Check that there are no rough seams or traces of glue inside. Try on shoes and make sure your foot does not slip in them. Shoes should be well fixed on the foot. Please note that in the fall you will have to wear thicker stockings and tights. Don’t buy shoes that are too tight in the hope that they will break, quality shoes should be comfortable from the first day of purchase.


Decide in advance what you will wear shoes with. Closed pumps with low heels and a small platform are suitable for classic coats and office suits. Loafers and wedges look better with trousers and jackets.

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