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Many women have a best friend. He is kind and sympathetic, and is always ready to help in any difficult moment. A woman trusts him like no one else. She shares with him her secrets, experiences, tells him the joys and troubles in a relationship with her man. As a rule, when they meet, they kiss each other on the cheek. Such a complete idyll in friendly relations between a man and a woman. In most cases, a woman cannot even think that her friend can have any feelings for her. Yes, and the woman herself, what to hide, can secretly from herself be indifferent to this man. One day everything can turn upside down.

There was a betrayal with the best friend, what to do next? A woman begins to be tormented by remorse, she worries about how to continue to live with her loved one? With infidelity in mind, women represent a casual relationship. If sex happened with a close friend, and not with a stranger, then this situation is more complicated. Until the fateful day, this person was close to you in a completely different way and loved in a different capacity. So why did this happen, because I didn’t think that I wanted to cheat on my husband?

Most likely, a situation just arose where you were alone together. Science has proven that people need at least half an hour of intimate surroundings to activate pheromones that act on the subconscious of both, forcing them to obey the basic instinct. As you understand, there can be many reasons for creating such an environment. The most powerful sexual stimulus to commit acts of a sexual nature is a shared sense of danger.

For example, your friend agreed to give you a ride to the country. As for evil, a car broke down on the way, and even in the forest. You walk through the forest, preparing to meet a maniac, or a pack of wolves, and even figured out which tree you will hide under. And they hid, but only for completely different purposes.
If this has never happened to you, anyway, admit that a person is a biological being and nothing human is alien to him. We all try to control situations, but one day, we forget about everything and the situation becomes completely uncontrollable. This also applies to the most responsible people in the world. Nobody is immune from this.
TREASON? SEX WITH BEST FRIENDOnce this has already happened, it is impossible to return everything back. The relationship with your friend is sure to change, in which direction it is not known. They already have another plane of communication. Just do not panic, splash out emotions and try to change something. It is better to calmly weigh everything and decide how to proceed. Nothing catastrophically terrible happened, and there is no need to try to make your choice. Take a philosophical approach to this sexual adventure: everything that happens in our life has some meaning. Recent events also make sense – this randomness will teach you something.

How to behave now after treason?

Easy and casual. If you were friends with families or something like that, it’s hard to hide the slightest change in behavior. Try. You should succeed. It will be very difficult, but in order to maintain friendly relations between all of you, it is necessary. Now the most important thing for you is not to repeat the past mistake. After all, after a couple of months, you can quarrel with your partner in life and again “cry" to your friend. The likelihood of such events is very high. History knows a lot of relationships when such "friendly sex" develops into a love relationship. You have no idea how many such people are among your acquaintances.

Keep in mind that you don’t end up in this situation. Then fixing everything will be much more difficult, or completely impossible.

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