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How to choose clothes for a man


In magazines or on Internet sites today there is a lot of information about fashion trends in the field of women’s clothing. But for the representatives of the stronger sex, there is less such information, although an elegant man should be next to a beautiful girl.

A young man will look win-win in a suit. When choosing it, it should be noted that there are three types of such a detail of a men’s wardrobe: American, European and English. Each type is intended for a specific male figure. The American suit is suitable for large men. His hallmarks are a single-breasted, three-button jacket and straight-cut trousers. What is the purpose of such a suit? A jacket with an unbuttoned top button can visually lengthen the figure, and straight trousers will hide the shortcomings of full legs and a big belly.

An English suit is suitable for men with a good figure, the so-called sports type of figure. The style was borrowed from the military uniform. The main feature of this style is a fitted jacket with slits at the back or sides. Such a suit favorably emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. Men with an athletic body type should choose a single-breasted two-button jacket.

And, finally, a European suit, which is distinguished by a deep neckline and strict shoulders. It is intended for men with a good physique but small stature.

The above rules are relevant not only when choosing a suit. When purchasing other wardrobe items (shirts, jeans, etc.), you can also be guided by these tips.

It doesn’t matter which suit you choose, as long as it fits you perfectly. And for this you need to consider a few rules.

When buttoned up, the jacket should not bulge either in front or in the back. The optimal length of the jacket is just below the buttocks. Pants should not ride up above your socks when you sit down.

As for the color of clothing, there is no universal answer. Black color suits almost everyone. Gray goes well with all the other colors in the wardrobe. Dark blue color never gets old, it is appropriate everywhere and in everything: whether it’s a suit or a dark blue pullover with jeans. Beige, brown and other light colors are more appropriate in an informal setting.

A pair of jeans, simple trousers and a sweater should certainly be in the everyday wardrobe of any man. Do not forget about such an accessory as a belt. But the most important thing in choosing clothes is the color compatibility of details.

Find out your waist size so you don’t waste time shopping for jeans or trousers. When purchasing a suit, sit down, bend your elbows. Are you comfortable? Then this is your option.

When choosing any wardrobe detail, remember that the main thing is not style or even style, but first of all your feelings. You must feel comfortable.

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