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Make the workplace right


In order to work with pleasure and your work does not affect your health, you need the proper organization of your workplace.
Most people work in offices that cannot be called comfortable even with a strong desire. Few people like the lack of light, cramped space and ill-conceived furnishings. The most terrible thing is that a person is forced to spend whole days in this room. Such an environment can worsen your well-being, significantly reduce your performance. This is all in addition to the fact that sedentary work in itself is not healthy.

What can be done

Of course, you are not able to move your desktop to the coast under an umbrella, but something is still within your power.

1 Arm yourself with a small pillow and place it on a chair so that it is between the back of the chair and your back. Thus, your spine will not be overtired and you will receive normal blood circulation due to the fact that you eliminate the cervical deflection that occurs with an incorrect posture at the computer. More blood will flow into your brain and work will be done faster.

2. Unload your desktop. Leave on the surface only what you really constantly use. This will help put your elbow on the table and better concentrate on the tasks at hand. A pile of papers and a mass of office supplies, which are usually constantly on the tables, do not contribute to fast and high-quality work at all.

3. Always sit with a straight back. Look ahead. Wherever your eye falls, there should be a monitor. You should not slouch due to incorrect placement. You may need to put it on something, feel free to use improvised means, because we are talking about your health.

4 Pay attention to the height of the chair. Your feet should be on the floor so that there is no need to press them or put them on something. Under the table should be free, so that nothing hinders your movements. It is best, if you have the opportunity, to work with your knees apart. So the blood flow is not disturbed and varicose veins are prevented.

5. Keep quality lighting. There should be no flickering or glare on the monitor. Do not forget to do special exercises for the eyes. Periodically shift your gaze from one object to another, from a distance to a near one. Try to periodically relieve tension from the shoulders and back. Whenever possible, turn your head, move your shoulders.

Make the workplace right

feng shui rules

It is advisable to choose a workplace where you can be facing the door. It is believed that in this way it will be much easier for you to direct energy to the work process. However, the desktop should not be opposite the door. There must be a window in the field of view. It will also help you focus on the important things.

If you don’t have a choice as such, it is advisable to hang on the wall that your gaze rests on, a picture depicting an open space or a phoenix. It is he who personifies tempting opportunities and broad prospects.
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