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Summer sex as a way to relax


It’s very hot in summer. But here’s the paradox – it is in the heat that you want to be closer to your loved one, not only morally, but also physically. How to have sex in the summer, so that it is good, not sticky, and the pleasure was received by both partners? Pay attention to the secrets of summer sex.

In a very strong heat, doctors still do not advise having sex. This is harmful to blood vessels, in addition, you will most likely have little strength, and in a sluggish state, sex is a dull experience. If you are completely unbearable, try to choose poses in which the points of contact between your bodies will be minimal. Yes, of course, you want to touch each other more, but not in the forty-degree heat in an air-conditioned bed. Believe me, two sweaty bodies sticking to each other is not very erotic.

Have sex in nature. For thrill-seekers, public places are suitable: parks with an abundance of bushes and thickets, forest edges and all that. If you are not adherents of exhibitionism, you can just get out to the country and indulge in lovemaking where no one will catch you for sure. By the way, in the summer people are ready for sex almost all the time. And they don’t have enough clothes, and the air temperature corresponds to body temperature. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity and have sex wherever you can think of it.

Of course, if you practice caresses in nature, you should remember the simple rules of personal hygiene and safety. Sex in the bushes is, of course, very passionate and exciting, but it also doesn’t hurt to think about the consequences of this event. Use contraceptives, wet wipes (both before and after), and be sure to maintain personal hygiene. After all, it is in the summer, when microbes multiply faster, that you can get such unpleasant diseases as allergies, irritation and genital infections. By the way, it is in the fall that the largest number of pregnancies are recorded, so take precautions carefully.

What poses are considered to be purely summer? Well, firstly, of course, the famous “doggy style" pose, when a woman is squatting and a man is behind. In this position, your bodies are perfectly blown from all sides, and skin contact can be minimized. Variants of this pose can be combined in a standing position, leaning against a surface or a chair. On the table – also a great pose for the summer. If there is intense heat, the surface of the table will cool the woman’s back, making the process more enjoyable. A man in this position is blown by all the winds, so he can also cool down along the way.

Summer is the perfect time for oral sex. For this, by the way, and undress completely is not necessary. The main thing is that you, again, have personal hygiene products with you. Since the summer heat is not very helpful in reducing some unpleasant odors, it is better to take care of everything in advance. By following these simple rules, you will be able to use the summer period to the maximum. And if you want to come up with something of your own, you will perfectly develop your imagination, cheer up and be sure to enjoy it.

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