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The issue of sexuality excites women more than the issue of beauty. For the latter is quite a man-made work, which is within the power of everyone, there would be a desire. With sexuality, everything is more complicated and interesting. It is impossible to sew or build it up, and at the same time, it is she who is the filler of external beauty, which loses all meaning without it.

How to become sexy and attractive

Sex is a powerful energy that has a huge impact on people. Sexuality is power, having and competently using it, you can easily subjugate men, and therefore the whole world. Actually, he already belongs to women who never fought for power over him, but simply controlled men like puppets. Undoubtedly, the prospect of acquiring such enormous power is tempting.

Acquisition (or rather, disclosure) of true sexuality is a process for the most part mental. For this purpose, they do not go to a beauty salon, but to a psychologist or sexologist, who lead us to our true selves, help us unlock the potential given to us by nature itself, but very often restrained by all sorts of frameworks that society kindly “gave" us. Actually, below are the recommendations of experts on the disclosure of sensuality.

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Personal care. Although this contradicts the claim that appearance is secondary in this matter, well-groomed appearance is important. Otherwise, they will simply not pay attention to you. You need to find your own style, emphasizing the best aspects of your appearance, regularly visit a hairdresser, beautician, and take care of your nails. External attractiveness has a huge impact on the sense of self of a woman, on which sexuality depends. So take care of yourself (do not watch, namely take care of) for your own pleasure and to maintain mental health.

Erotic fantasies. They just need to be allowed. Unfortunately, many women consider dreams of chic (in their understanding) sex something unworthy and even taboo. They are wrong. And that’s why. Psychologists know how repressed sexual desires affect the life of a particular person. For example, a woman suddenly realizes that she wants rough sex, wants a man to take her by force, fuck her. Maybe not even one man, but several at the same time. Realizing her desire, she was frightened and decided to forget about him, pushing her back into the subconscious.

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The scenario is predictable: having denied herself fantasies of rough treatment, literally masochism, she will unconsciously “run into” failures in life, as if provoking them with her behavior. The same masochism will come out from the other side. Having allowed herself fantasies on this desired topic for her, even without their realization, she would satisfy her subconscious desire for pain (natural for representatives of a certain psychotype, and not a pathology), thus, the need for failures would disappear by itself. Conclusion: awareness of your sexual desires is important for a fulfilling life.

Masturbation. Causes a lot of prejudice. However, contrary to negative statements, it is recommended by gynecologists, both for single women and ladies with a busy personal life. The more often the sexual sphere is involved, the more smoothly it works. Masturbation helps to know yourself, your body, it reveals a woman. By the way, men also react differently to women who regularly experience sexual pleasure. A woman who has become, as one wise man says, "orgasmic", arouses strong interest in a large number of men, she feels increased attention to herself.

Obviously, hormones play a role, adding a musky note to the smell of a woman, which attracts men to her.


Well, increased attention only strengthens confidence in their own sexual attractiveness. The circle is closed.

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