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Usually girls mature and start dreaming about sex at the age of 12-14. At the same time, due to moral standards, their first time happens at the age of 15-18. Imagining several years of making love, watching adult films, listening to the stories of her girlfriends, the girl is disappointed. After all, it turns out that sex is dirty, fast and not so pleasant. Why do porn actresses close their eyes in pleasure, if in fact during sex you can fall asleep or think about your homework in higher mathematics?

Years pass, and the ladies still do not understand how to achieve orgasm. Many of them get married without experiencing real pleasure in bed. Want to know if a woman had a real orgasm this week? Step on her foot on the tram. If she smiles, she and her boyfriend can be congratulated. If he is rude to you, then sympathize with the couple. And if she hits her on the head with her handbag, hug her and tell her how to achieve an orgasm. You can also give a vibrator. Thus, you will save a woman’s life and improve your karma. 

 How to achieve that same orgasm?

– Well? There was an orgasm, your friend asks you.

– Well, I guess it was. There was definitely something like that. It must have been an orgasm. you answer her. And you’re lying. After all, if there really was an orgasm, you would embarrassedly look away and take a deep breath, dreaming that the night would repeat itself as soon as possible. Orgasm is difficult to confuse with something. It is like a discharge of electricity, a stream of energy that pierces your entire body. After an orgasm, a woman becomes affectionate and smiling. The earth leaves from under the feet, and the lady looks at the man as if at God. 


1 Believe. In order to achieve the strongest orgasm in your life, you need to believe in it. What does faith have to do with it, you say? Someone’s physiology is such that during sex you get pleasure. Someone has been cheated by nature. And the neighbor was lucky, because you can moan like that only if your husband has a very great dignity. In fact, everything is not so. It has been proven that orgasm is a process in our brain. It can be obtained during caresses of one breast or ears alone. Believe that you can experience a long and repeated orgasm, and you are halfway to success. 

2 Fantasize. The more excited you are, the brighter the fantasies in your head, the stronger the orgasm will be. Throughout the day, dream about your man, come up with new positions, try on new underwear, read erotic literature. 

It is interesting to know: in Taoist literature it is indicated that for a full-fledged exchange of energies during sex, partners should not think about other people. This is considered spiritual treason. When fantasizing, don’t imagine yourself in the arms of Jared Leto or Brad Pitt. Yes, they are handsome, and your boyfriend can win the championship for the biggest beer belly. But Jared is far away, and your man will give you an orgasm. Therefore, keep yourself in hand!


3 Erogenous zones. In order to achieve multiple orgasms, stimulate several areas – the G-spot, neck, nipples, and so on. And don’t forget to experiment. Perhaps you will find another erogenous zone as a bonus of the Universe. 

4 Oral caresses. For the best orgasm of your life, a man must prepare you. For this he needs his language. According to statistics, most women experienced the first pleasure after caressing the clitoris. Try to relax and have fun, and not think that a man violates the laws of hygiene. In fact, more bacteria gets into your partner’s mouth when he kisses you on the lips. 


5 Love. Your partner must want you to reach orgasm. And this goal for him should be more important than his own pleasure. Usually, this is possible if he loves you and you love him. At the same time, a woman should not think about her own orgasm, but about how to please a man. He, in turn, will not remain indebted to his beloved. The quality of sex in couples in love is growing every month. Therefore, you should not leave a guy if sex with him does not bring pleasure. Experiment, get to know each other and never yell at people who step on your foot on the tram.

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