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It is possible to build such a relationship in which your husband, even in his thoughts, does not have a desire to be with another – it is possible! It is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to pay attention to some "little things" in time. Any woman at least once in her life, one way or another, thought about the question of the causes of male infidelity.

Some did this to prevent treason, while others, unfortunately, thought only when they had already directly encountered this problem. It is impossible to achieve fidelity from a husband with his demands, threats, persuasion, pleas or tears, it is necessary to work on this by completely different, more delicate and ingenious means.

Ideally, over time, the relationship between husband and wife should become stronger, and feelings deeper. If in reality everything is not quite so, then this is largely the fault of the woman. Because its main task is to control and correctly direct the vector of development of relations. After all, if this is not done, then the fading of feelings gradually occurs.

Unfortunately, there is a natural pattern. When people are together for a long time, it seems to them that they have already learned everything about each other, that nothing new will happen to them. In such couples, over time, the first prerequisites for betrayal appear:
– Partners are less likely to confess their love to each other,
– Gentle touches, hugs, passionate kisses are reduced to a minimum or completely disappear,
– Intimacy becomes rare, and does not cause much joy.

The task of a woman is to notice these changes in the early stages, not to let everything take its course! Otherwise, the next link in this chain will be the betrayal of her husband. Recent studies by scientists from Vienna can serve as confirmation of these words.

Experiments have shown that hugging a loved one contributes to the production of a certain hormone in the body – oxytocin, under the influence of which a person is more emotionally attached to his wife. At the same time, passion for other women, on the contrary, disappears, and even seems unpleasant. No wonder oxytocin is also called the “hormone of devotion." A man who is accustomed to hugging his wife all the time will feel uncomfortable with the touch of other women and will avoid them.

In addition, thanks to oxytocin, other positive changes occur in the body of a man – brain function improves, blood pressure stabilizes, mood rises and performance improves!

The best weapon in the fight against mistresses is a simple hug! Therefore, to avoid cheating, hug and show your tenderness as much as possible! Remember that it is very important for a woman to always maintain such a family hearth that will warm her husband every day for many years!

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