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How to make money in the New Year?


During the New Year period, people are in festive euphoria, in high spirits, in the desire to give gifts, delight and surprise their relatives and friends. Thus, you can earn very decently in the New Year and New Year holidays. And in some cases, you can even earn without investing.

The most popular ways to make money in the New Year

1. New Year without New Year’s characters Santa Claus and Snow Maiden is not a holiday at all. With the help of fairy-tale characters, you can get several types of earnings.

How to make money in the New Year?

— Having festive costumes of your favorite characters (buy, rent, create yourself) you can go to congratulations: to customers’ homes, to kindergartens and schools, to offices and corporate parties.

The main thing to take care of is advance advertising. You can safely start offering your services from mid-October, as the week before the New Year, the competition for orders will be incredibly high.

– Record a video greeting or even an audio greeting from Santa Claus. It is best to write down a general text with the ability to insert the name of the person who will receive congratulations into it. And this will already turn out to be a nominal congratulation, and its price will be an order of magnitude higher than the usual, streaming one. Posting information about your services and taking orders is also best in advance.

How to make money in the New Year?

– This also includes another integral part of the New Year – festive trees. You can resell natural ones or rent artificial ones.

2. The New Year, like any holiday, will not be complete without gifts. But since this is a fabulous holiday, then the gifts should be original and unusual.

There are also several options for making money on New Year’s gifts:

— Gifts for children. All kinds of toys, both New Year’s and ordinary. Various development kits. You can stock up on them in advance at low prices and sell them at a higher price for the holidays, and, quite possibly, the business will flourish after the holidays. Handmade toys are also highly valued, which carry the warmth of the hands and the love of the master invested in them.

How to make money in the New Year?

— Surprise gifts for relatives, friends, colleagues. Entertaining gizmos that will bring surprise and joy. Many online stores are now full of similar souvenirs at quite affordable prices, winding them up to 100% of the cost on holidays can be decently enriched.

3. If there are any creative talents, you can send them into a festive channel.

– Create your own New Year’s cards or calendars.

– Embroider New Year’s greetings, sew symbols of the year, knit cute figurines or masks of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, sculpt Christmas toys and decorations from polymer clay.

4. And another significant New Year’s niche, of course, is culinary.

– If the kitchen is “you", then you can bake and collect gingerbread houses. Bake Christmas cookies and nuts. You can also decorate these same nuts in the form of Christmas toys. Also, having molds for chocolate, you can make edible chocolate Christmas decorations. Handmade is always valuable, especially in the magical New Year.

– You can do New Year’s decoration of fruits or even fruit gift baskets.

— During the long New Year holidays, the delivery of homemade food will be relevant both for the celebration of the New Year itself and during the New Year holidays.

5. A separate item can be allocated services for renting a country house, if any. For a holiday day or two or a week of the New Year holidays, you can earn a monthly payment. Here you can also offer a festive decoration of the house, the preparation of a festive table.

6. And of course, a taxi service or a "sober driver" will be very, very relevant in the New Year. During the night you can earn 5-7 times more than on a regular weekend, and the demand will be 100%.

How to make money in the New Year?

As you can see, there are a huge number of options for earning money in the New Year and New Year holidays, the main thing is to have at least a little imagination and an incredible desire. And then it is quite realistic for almost every person to earn a pretty penny during the New Year holidays.
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