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All women are temperamental by nature, regardless of intimate predisposition and type of character. If you compare the curve of the emotional state of a woman during the day with the same schedule only for men, you will see a huge difference. Men perceive the world around them more stable, so to speak. Unlike women, mood swings are normal for them. We can leave the house and, admiring the sunny morning, “fly on wings" along the sunlit street to the bus stop, while experiencing a feeling of happiness and incredibly great joy. But after a few hours, arriving at the office after a grueling train ride in public transport, a woman may experience deep disappointment, from how gray life seems to her. Another thing is intimate life. Sex without problems is actually a gift of fate. Today, against the backdrop of an open demonstration of everything that can be associated with sexual intercourse and a huge number of personal complexes, such a luxury is more of a rarity than the norm.


Top 5 problems in sex

In search of answers to pressing questions and in the hope of having sex without problems, the forum for women has become a kind of platform for discussing intimate problems. Among the problems that most often stand in the way of harmony in the sexual life of modern couples, sexologists distinguish the following.

1 Wish. For a man, desire is more of a mechanical component of the body’s performance. No, this in no way means that they are callous and unemotional creatures, for whom the act itself is fundamental. Just for a woman, arousal is the main condition on the path to satisfaction. And not infrequently, because of his absence, the fair sex resorts to tricks. The well-known story of women faking an orgasm is an example or, if you like, proof that sexual intercourse can take place without the physical attraction of a girl, which cannot be said about men. After all, it is hardly possible to get satisfaction, provided that there is no desire.

2 Selfishness. “Pulling the blanket over yourself” in intimate life is a much deeper problem than the same action in the literal sense. We can say that many women are also sinful in this matter. But today we are considering women’s problems in sex. Although this approach, as a rule, leads to problems in bed anyway. Male egoism in sex is due to different needs of the sexes. Men rarely see the point in foreplay. But it is she who is the main condition that leads a woman into an excited state. Male egoism also includes the premature cessation of sexual intercourse, "when the man is already everything, but the woman is not."

3 Illiteracy. Knowledge is power! This also applies to sexual life. Without understanding the physiology and sexual needs of a partner, both on the one hand and the other, satisfaction from sexual intercourse is hardly possible. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn how to drive?


4 Dysfunctions. Against the background of psychological problems and banal ignorance and illiteracy, the main problem is physical deviations. Representatives of the stronger sex can become victims of erectile dysfunction, women – anorgasmia. In the first case, we are talking about the absence of male power, in the second – orgasm. In this case, the root of evil is hidden in the silence of the problem. 

5 Incompatibility. In a number of hopeless problems, the incompatibility of the sexual organs of partners usually falls when the sizes of the penis and vagina do not correspond to each other.

The solution to all the above "tragedies" lies in the main thing – in the understanding that there are no unsolvable problems! Respect your partner and his desires, study each other and desire will come. And after it, passion, understanding and satisfaction will return to your intimate life!

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