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How to organize your own wedding


A wedding is one of the most important and memorable events in life. In order for this fabulous day to pass without unpleasant surprises and not turn from a joyful day into a drama or thriller, it is important to organize everything correctly and not lose sight of anything. Let’s make a list of necessary events for the wedding celebration and figure out how to optimize efforts and save money.

1 Preparation


Make a list of waste.

To save money: Stick to your spending plan strictly. Make a budget with a margin of 25%, as experience shows, overspending happens often.


Themed weddings are trendy these days. A vampire wedding in a restaurant, a rustic outdoor wedding, Soviet, fairy tale, rock and roll, royal, cinema, etc. The idea is that everything, from an invitation card to a menu, be compiled in one stylistic concept.

To save money: An original wedding idea can minimize the wedding budget as much as possible. A simple dress of the bride and a modest banquet can be very successfully entered into the idea of ​​a wedding.


The marriage procedure is carried out in the registry office. You must first submit an application, pay a state fee, and in two months you will be signed.

To save money: You can not hold a solemn ceremony in the registry office, quietly sign together, and exchange rings in a restaurant with relatives and guests.


In this matter, the main thing is to decide on the date. The church calendar is filled with days when it is impossible to get married due to holidays and fasts. You will be married only if you have a marriage certificate, you will have to present it when booking a date.

To save: The cost of the wedding is low, the main costs are additional church services. In the central cathedral you will have to pay more than in a small church on the periphery.

Outdoor wedding

It is best to entrust the organization of the wedding to a special company that will bring and install everything you need, then clean everything up and take it away. This option, however, is not cheap. There is a risk that you will not be lucky with the weather.

To save money: You need to organize everything yourself. Tents or awnings can be ordered in advance in the online store. It is quite possible to entrust friends and relatives to install awnings and set tables.


When choosing a restaurant, be guided by the cuisine, if you do not like their general menu, then you are unlikely to like banquets. It is best to order a banquet in a familiar restaurant.

To save money: Accurately calculate the number of invitees. Choose the decoration not in portions, but in large dishes. Buy alcohol and juices in advance at a wholesale price. Order a wedding cake in a trusted pastry shop.

2 Invitations

In order for the invitees to come to your celebration prepared morally and financially, send out invitations as early as possible.

Save money: You can make your own invitations. There are special programs where you can draw invitations, and then print them on a printer.

3 Bride

Choosing a dress

You should choose a dress in advance. First, decide which style you like, then choose an acceptable price. Keep in mind that in addition to beauty, it is important that the dress is comfortable, it should not restrict movement.

Save money: Rent a dress. It is quite possible to make a wedding bouquet on your own, now naturalness and simple forms are in fashion.

Makeup and hair

It is advisable to practice creating the desired image a few days before the event.

To save money: Do not book a make-up artist and hairdresser at home, but do your own make-up and hair or ask a friend. Get high-quality cosmetics that are not afraid of water, heat and cold.

4 Choice of rings

In the jewelry salon, you can choose ready-made designer rings or order your favorite model from the catalog.

To save money: Buy regular smooth rings.

5 Photographer and videographer

View portfolios of several photographers. When you decide on one professional, meet with him and discuss the upcoming shooting, you should agree on the scope of the photographer’s work, the number of processed photos that will be provided to you, the cost and location of the shooting, discuss the concept of photography, indicate what you would like to focus on. How fruitfully you discuss all the details depends on whether you get the photos you dream of.

6 Host

Choose your peers as leaders. People of a different age may have a completely different vision for wedding entertainment. Discuss every detail with the host, offer your ideas based on the general concept of the wedding. It is better not to save on the leader. Relying on guests to entertain themselves is very risky.

7 Music

Most often, the presenter has his own standard set of music, look through it, perhaps some compositions will need to be replaced. Surely your couple has “their own" song or just your favorite tune, to which you dream of dancing a wedding dance.

8 Transport

Order a beautiful passenger car for young people, put guests in a comfortable minibus.

Remember that the wedding is just a stage, don’t take everything too personally, if something goes wrong, keep a good mood and a positive attitude!
Wedding, Wedding ceremony – one of the family rituals that formalizes marriage. Its social significance comes down to creating a new family for the purpose of procreation, establishing kinship, changing the family and age status and publicly recognizing the status of the spouses. It belongs to the most complex organized rituals. It combines linguistic, folklore-poetic, ritual, musical, visual and other plans.

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