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Tremulous feeling: 3 films about first love


We know what to do with the first autumn evenings

It’s an outrageous myth that teen movies are only for teenagers. Stories about first love, school life and teenage problems will not leave you indifferent, because what can help you return to high school again, if not a melodrama about the experiences of young people? We have collected pictures that you could hardly appreciate if you did not have time to "catch" them in the cinema.

"Flirt", 1990

The melodrama directed by John Daigan will not leave any viewer indifferent, which is connected not only with a talented cast, but also with a plot that does not let go until the very end. The action takes place in an Australian school where teachers educate young minds in not too pedagogical ways. In different classes of the school, the main characters of the picture, Danny and Tandy, study with a special bias. He is a classic bully, she is an African girl who reads philosophical works at her leisure. A feeling arises between young people that greatly displeases teachers who impose their own rules, which lovers unknowingly violate. The couple decides to escape, but what awaits very young lovers, you can find out by sitting in front of the screen even today.

Tremulous feeling: 3 films about first love

"Submarine", 2010

The debut picture of Richard Ayoade, unfortunately, did not receive adequate publicity. The film is saturated with British style, which already knocks it out of a number of "licked" Hollywood films of the last decade. The story revolves around two high school students who are not accepted by their classmates. Probably, in every class there were guys living in their own world, when the “white crows" meet, a feeling arises that is understandable only to the two of them. The sweetly foppish style of a young man’s behavior cannot but touch a girl’s heart, especially watching him try to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. Definitely a must see movie!

Tremulous feeling: 3 films about first love

"Swedish Love Story", 1970

A touching story of the first and such an easy love unfolds between Per and Erica. Both are only fifteen, but both managed to face serious troubles in life: an idyllic love story unfolds against the backdrop of scandals, suffering and misunderstanding on the part of adults. The director seems to be asking the question – were the characters able to save themselves in such an environment or will they turn into their embittered and tired parents? The film is quite specific, but fans of the Scandinavian film style will definitely appreciate it.

Tremulous feeling: 3 films about first love

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