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How to replenish your spring wardrobe


Spring is usually associated with the awakening and renewal of nature. Bright colors, warm sunbeams, aromas of flowering trees – all this improves the mood and makes you want to bring newness to your usual everyday life. To make life sound with new chords, you can start small: replenish your spring wardrobe with interesting things.

In spring, there is a natural desire to acquire lighter things: flowing, light fabrics only add positive feelings. However, you should not risk your health: the weather during this period is very deceptive, so give preference to layering. For example, combine a chiffon blouse with a thin knitted cardigan – this way you can avoid hypothermia, but at the same time not feel too heavy things on yourself.

Spring is a great period for boots and ankle boots with open elements. If the autumn slush does not always allow you to wear such models, then in April and May for such trendy things is the best time. Open toes and heels in spring shoes become even more emphasized. Wear it on bare feet, showing off the bright nail polish to others.

Pay special attention to accessories: they are the ones that can radically transform your wardrobe and create a spring mood. In recent seasons, the world’s catwalks welcome the combination of bright contrasting shades, such as coral and blue, lemon and purple. Avoid monochrome, try new color combinations – so you can choose interesting accents for yourself. Don’t forget about costume jewelry, because now that you’ve taken off your gloves and warm sweaters, it becomes very comfortable to wear fantasy rings and large necklaces – an absolute trend of spring collections.

Add to your spring wardrobe and other things that you could not afford in the winter because of outerwear. A flowing skirt to the floor, a bustier dress, a lace blouse – with the help of such purchases, you can create many spring looks.

If you are limited in finances, only one iconic thing will help create a spring look. It can be a stylish light-colored trench coat, a bright scarf that you tie around your neck in an original way, or a comfortable jacket that can become the most versatile item in your spring wardrobe.

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