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The loss of virginity, the entry into "big sex", is a significant event in the life of every girl. We remember our first boyfriends / men – someone is happy with memories, someone prefers to forget about it. How to make sure that the first experience was successful?

Council the first. Don’t listen to anyone. Girlfriends, inciting you to "become an adult", let them go through the forest – you have your own head on your shoulders. The only person you should listen to in this matter is yourself. If you feel unprepared, then don’t worry – everything will happen at the best moment for this, you just don’t need it yet.

Tip two. You need to decide who you would like. What type of men are you attracted to? It matters: sex (besides, the first one) in the arms of a man you like is many times more pleasant than sex for the sake of sex, no matter with whom. This affects the female psyche much deeper than is commonly believed.

Tip three. Just no expectations! Many girls do not know why they believe that the first sex will bring them unearthly pleasure. That’s how it is, only sex for this should not be the first. And not the second. It takes time for the girl’s body to "get used" to a man, she must "wake up", but this does not happen immediately. The only exceptions are hypersexual girls who begin to be interested in sex from the age of twelve and prepare themselves for it by masturbation. But they are few. Those who have an average sexual constitution (and they are about 70%) need to understand that the first sex is unlikely to end with an orgasm. Very unlikely. Soreness – yes, it may be present (depending on the elasticity of the hymen), but the ability to experience discharge will come only with time.

We look at the world soberly. And do not strain (so that it does not hurt).

Tip four. Be sure to take care of protection. No need to push the responsibility onto the shoulders of your young man – "so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful …". Keep in mind that the ability to conceive appears with the onset of menstruation, so the first time may well end in pregnancy. And if you do not need it, look for information about contraceptives suitable for young girls.

And finally. In one moment you will feel that "it" will happen soon. Namely, when two conditions coincide: your psychological readiness and the presence of “that" person nearby.

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