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Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?


Jennifer Lopez seemed to be crazy about her young dancer boyfriend Casper Smart and spends all her time with him – both at work and on vacation. However, rumors began to appear in Hollywood that their relationship would soon come to an end. The blogger Aia0604 was the first to gossip with us.

Jen and Casper met last year and started dating a few months after the singer publicly announced her divorce from Marc Anthony. But, according to insiders, toyboy is starting to annoy the pop diva:

Jennifer begins to become disillusioned with him and becomes very short-tempered when they are together. He became a part of her life quite easily. I think her family is watching him closely.

But the latest paparazzi pictures prove quite the opposite – either Casper is having fun on the beach with Jennifer’s children, or he arranges a romantic birthday surprise for her (we remember that cake "Happy Birthday, teddy bear"!).

Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?

Kasper’s surprise for her birthday, looks like Jennifer still liked it

Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?

Casper and Jen’s kids get along well

Rumors began to appear also because Casper was recently seen in an exotic massage parlor, and then at the entrance to a strip club. Newspapers began to make headlines about how the dancer had betrayed J. Lo, but the couple’s lawyers were quick to declare that all this was a lie and slander.

Now the dancer accompanies his beloved everywhere and everywhere, and, of course, during her tour. Smart, among other things, is the main choreographer of performances. The singer’s friends assure that while the tour lasts, Lopez will definitely not leave her boyfriend:

Well, as they say, the show must go on – Lopez’s tour will last until the end of this year, so for now, Casper can be calm.

Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart at a performance

Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?Is Jennifer Lopez about to dump Casper Smart?

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