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Each person strives for his family to be a support, a refuge, and an incentive. But sometimes it happens that misunderstandings happen between relatives. In some cases, small misunderstandings are harmless, and do not significantly affect the "weather in the house." But often, misunderstanding develops into conflict, conflict into a quarrel, and quarrel leads to a split in relations and loss of trust.

What should be done to avoid a split?

The right motivation. Initially, you need to form a goal in front of you: I need a happy family. Further, we determine for ourselves personally why it is good to live in harmony with our loved ones. The main thing is to understand what exactly you need and what you are ready to do for this.
Avoiding unhealthy criticism. According to the great family psychologist J. Gottman, who studied the psychology of marriage, 91% of families break up because of criticism. Complaints and dissatisfaction in the family are normal. But when the transition to personalities begins, and any action of the partner is criticized, this does not mean that the person is doing something wrong. And the fact that the person himself is “wrong".
We are not silent.Second extreme. Some couples believe that the best solution to a problem is not to talk about the problem. But this is just as dangerous as criticism. Over the years of living together, so many unresolved problems can accumulate that partners move away from each other and do not consider themselves a family. It is worth expressing your dissatisfaction and solving problems together, and not experiencing them inside.
We avoid quarrels and conflicts.In any family there is harmony, but this balance can be disturbed. Conflicts in families exist and will exist – whether it is a conflict of opinions, or interests, or something else. But, as Dahrendorf said, a healthy conflict solves problems, and an unhealthy conflict alienates people from each other. Therefore, in order not to waste energy and health on conflicts, you need to talk more with your partner. Often, simple communication can smooth out most of the escalating fights.
Joint rest. In order to live a happy family, you need to understand that spending time together brings people together. It’s good when the family can go somewhere at least once a week. A joint vacation opens up new horizons and improves the mental and spiritual connection of loved ones. Try an active sport, preferably a team sport such as volleyball. With team sports, the unity and integrity of the family is felt more than ever.
But the most important and main principle of a happy family is very simple: love must reign in everything! With love in the heart, all obstacles can be overcome.

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