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Creative thinking and its development


Creative thinking is called creative thinking, which allows you to create new ideas and bring them to life. Such thinking is inherent in a person from birth. Pay attention to how children react to some events, phenomena, etc. It is often difficult for an adult to come up with something that is easy for children. But in the process of education, study, under the influence of the outside world, such creative abilities, unfortunately, are lost. But creative thinking can be developed, since its creative component is an innate ability.

A person who knows how to think creatively opens up wide opportunities. This is especially true for those people who are not afraid of change, who strive to make dramatic changes, both in their lives and in the lives of others. A creative thinker is very different from other people due to the creative approach to various issues. Such a person is an interesting interlocutor, because he has a broad outlook, a rich vocabulary and does not speak banality. In addition, creative thinking helps in solving any problem. Below are examples of how to develop creative thinking.

Ways to develop creative thinking

• Expand your horizons, study various areas of art, visit exhibitions, read books, both classics and contemporary authors, go to theaters and concerts. Especially pay attention to topics that previously did not interest you. When searching for an idea, do not focus on anything specific, any information can be important.

• Use associations. Take a look around the room you are in. Identify some object that caught your eye. Take a piece of paper and write down five adjectives that describe this item. For example: a cup is blue, ceramic, beautiful, warm, large. Then write five words that do not fit the subject at all. For example, a cup – chocolate, fried, velvet, soft, knitted. If there are difficulties with this, make an effort, delve into your perceptions, feelings. But don’t leave this exercise unfinished. Each time it will be easier for you to find the right words.

• Write down all your thoughts, ideas on paper. It is important not what you write, but the fact that the paper will act as a carrier of information. In the process of writing with your hand, the brain works differently than when typing or simply memorizing. While writing down your thoughts, you use areas of the brain that contribute to better assimilation of information.

• Believe in yourself. You should not be ashamed of your ideas or thoughts. Every person is unique, including you. And when you understand this, you will stop discarding any ideas that appear in your head, and start writing them down, combining them. And the more ideas you have, the better for your development. But the most important thing here is not to imagine that you are the embodiment of universal genius. You must have a senior comrade, a mentor whom you fully trust and who will guide you on the right path. This person will be able to praise and criticize, which will not harm your ego.

• Exercise "Architect". Imagine that you need to design a house. No need to look for excuses that you do not know how to draw or draw. It’s not very important here. The main thing here is the design process itself. First you need to write on a piece of paper ten nouns that come to mind. These ten words are your customer’s prerequisites. For example, orange, water, game, etc. Show your imagination and bring the wishes of the imaginary customer to life. What do you associate with orange? Possibly orange. So paint the walls in some room orange. Water – build a small pond or fountain in front of the house. Game – make a playground near the house, or a golf or tennis field. Etc. Fantasize, imagine, imagine what this house would look like in real life.

Creative thinking and its development

In addition to the methods described above, there are many more different exercises that help in the development of creative thinking. Creative thinking will not only help you achieve the desired results in your work, but you will see the whole world around you in different colors.
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