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It Happened: Actors Who Accidentally Became Stars


Not all artists dreamed of world fame

It seems to us that all class A artists have been going all their lives to become stars, and often this is true, however, there are celebrities who did not even dream of international recognition, and nevertheless became idols of millions. Who are these lucky ones? We will tell.

Natalie Portman

We have been following Natalie’s creative path since the moment when the girl appeared on the big screens in the company of Jean Reno. The role of Matilda made a simple girl, who once dreamed of becoming a ballerina, a world-class star. When Portman was only 11, she was noticed by a modeling agency scout, but Portman was not eager to act for the “gloss", but she could not refuse to try for the main role in the film by Luc Besson. The actress is already 39, but she is still one of the main stars in the world of cinema.

It Happened: Actors Who Accidentally Became Stars

Charlize Theron

Few people know that the beauty Charlize is a native of South Africa. The girl moved to the USA at the age of 19, and it took her very little time to attract the attention of the right people, albeit involuntarily: Theron went to the bank, but due to problems with paperwork, she was served for too long, which is why Charlize created a real scandal. The scene was witnessed by a representative of a talent agency. He immediately met the explosive beauty and left her a business card. Then everything happened like in a fairy tale: in the first film, Theron’s partners were Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. The actress continues to act actively today, almost every year entering the list of the richest actors in the world.

Johnny Depp

Young John Christopher Depp went to California from Florida in the hope of gaining fame as a rock musician (the future star was at that time a member of the musical group The Kids). However, having arrived in the “city of angels”, the friends could not exist as a single team for a long time, as a result, the group broke up, and Johnny managed to marry a make-up artist who was well acquainted with Nicolas Cage, already famous at that time. He advised Depp to take part in the casting of extras for a new youth horror film in order to earn some money. As a result, Johnny was approved for one of the main roles, after which the doors to Hollywood opened for the young man.

It Happened: Actors Who Accidentally Became Stars

Channing Tatum

Most people know the now-famous actor from the role of a stripper from the movie "Magic Mike", but at the same time almost no one guesses that Tatum really started out as a stripper. From nightclubs, the young stripper migrated to the covers of magazines as a model, after which the directors noticed him, inviting the stately handsome man to try his hand at cinema. First, Channing got into a popular youth series, then roles in a big movie followed, where the actor still feels just fine.

It Happened: Actors Who Accidentally Became Stars

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