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Michelle Rodriguez is Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend?


Robert Pattinson has a new girlfriend? Looks like the Twilight star has been spotted with Michelle Rodriguez twice in the past week. First, the couple was caught at one of the hotels in Los Angeles, and this weekend Michelle and Robert were together at a private party (by the way, not for the first time) on the occasion of the premiere of the indie tape It Seemed Like Love.

And even though there is not a single big name in the credits of the film itself by independent director Eliza Hittman, the after-party of the premiere of the film boasts a good star cast: in addition to Rob and Michelle, Kate Mara, Marilyn Manson and other famous people were seen at the evening.

Since the event had the format of a closed party, the only informants of the tabloids were the guests, who kindly shared their impressions on blogs:

Another lucky person who got to the party added details:

One of the guests even posted a picture with Pattinson – or rather, with his back (it is alleged that the director of the first part of "Twilight" Katherine Hardwick is standing next to Rob). But most of all, the press was interested in the following "tweet":

But with whom? It is possible that this is Miss Rodriguez, but the author of the message preferred not to specify. Now the tabloids, which not so long ago “brought together" Rob with Riley Keough, and just last week rejoiced at the possible reunion of the actor with Kristen Stewart, have to solve a new puzzle. Pattinson himself, already by tradition, did not comment on the new rumors.

Michelle Rodriguez is Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend?

The tabloids are desperate to fix Robert Pattinson’s private life

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