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It is easier for men in terms of getting pleasure than for women. Nature itself has made the male orgasm a "mandatory program", without which sexual intercourse is not complete – otherwise conception will not occur.

A woman, on the other hand, does not have to experience orgasms in order to become pregnant (which we are very “glad about").

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From the title of the article it is clear that we will talk about the ways of male relaxation that will help make it truly unforgettable.

How to bring the man you love to orgasm

Of course, the most trouble-free method in this matter is oral sex. Which takes practice – in order for a man to experience a powerful orgasm from fellatio, it is not enough just to do "it" with his mouth.

For example, care must be taken to avoid contact of the teeth with the genitals of a man, which requires careful handling. Among the "non-lovers" of oral sex, there will always be victims of inept caresses, as a result of which the blowjob was put an end to. Intense movements should be avoided at the very beginning – at first it is required to excite a man, bringing him into a state of "combat readiness" with light touches of his lips and tongue.

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When blood rushes to the groin and the phallus becomes excited, more effective caresses will be required, for example, among prostitutes, it is considered aerobatics to swallow the penis to its full length and caress it with your tongue. Men love to watch the process of fellatio, and ejaculation in the mouth of their beloved gives them especially strong, powerful pleasure, of course, watching this and being delighted that she also enjoys it.

In general, you need to pay attention to the whole body of a man: many ladies make the mistake of focusing only on the reproductive organ. To enhance the sensations, thereby accelerating the orgasm, will help the knowledge of the erogenous zones located throughout the body of a man. Among them: chest, lower abdomen (blood from the press flows to the groin, which leads to an erection), scrotum (only tenderness!), Feet, which are associated with the inguinal region, inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, neck, ears. The caresses of these zones lead to strong excitement, the result of which will be bright sex with a stormy ending (read: with a powerful orgasm).

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