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New Year trips: what is important to consider


If you decide to celebrate the New Year holidays away from home, then there are things that you need to think about in advance. In general, the New Year’s trip is not much different from the usual, therefore, for the most part, you need to take into account the same things as always, but there are a few specific points.

1 Other tourists. Most likely, the place you have chosen was chosen by a fairly large number of people to celebrate the New Year. This is especially true for such trips that are made on tourist vouchers. Companies try to sell as many of these tours as possible, and people try to buy them as cheaply as possible. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare your New Year’s trip well in advance in order to buy tickets at not too high prices. The same applies to hotels. Closer to the holidays, budget options simply do not remain.

2 Familiarize yourself with the traditions of the countries you are going to visit. They may differ slightly from your understanding of how the New Year should be celebrated. Well, if you are going to a place that you know, and it is located right in your country, maybe just another city. Then there will be no problems. But if you, for example, go to the New Year holidays in the UAE, then keep in mind that you can’t openly drink champagne, even on the occasion of the New Year, there. It is a Muslim country where drinking alcohol is a crime. Some places are easier, while others are very strict.

It is also useful to learn more about how the country you are visiting celebrates the New Year. Perhaps there are some rituals and traditions, not observing which you risk offending the local people, or at least being considered ignorant.

3 Take care of the reserve of money in case of emergency with particular care. Holidays are a time when everyone allows themselves to relax a little. Everything except swindlers and pickpockets. Suddenly, you can lose your purse with documents, credit cards and all cash, and you can’t even remember exactly how it happened. Have scanned copies of passports by email. As well as a supply of money that you do not carry with you, and which is securely hidden in your things. A traveler’s check is well suited for this purpose, because it will be somehow strange to hide a wad of money, and even in local currency, and you will no longer have the appropriate mood. When you go to have fun, do not carry all the important documents with you, it is better to leave them in a safe in a hotel (usually there is such a service). This is true for any travel

4 Insurance. Something constantly happens to people on New Year’s holidays at home, and even in foreign countries at all. It’s better not to think about it, but it’s still worth “laying straws". Check to see if your insurance covers all kinds of domestic accidents and injuries.

Take care of your New Year’s trip, and have a nice holiday!

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