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How to give maximum pleasure to a man


Both women and men can get pleasure in different ways. To elevate your partner to the pinnacle of bliss, you should learn intimate massage, because it is precisely such love games that can bring no less pleasure than sex itself.

It is no coincidence that the inhabitants of the East are famous for the art of love. Oriental methods of exciting, relaxing and simply intimate massage are very popular.

The first step is to help your partner relax a bit. Beforehand, in a bath with warm water, you can rub the back, rub the shampoo into his hair with light massage movements, do not forget about the neck of your loved one. Not superfluous will be light circular movements in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe entire contour of the face, temples.

Strongly relaxes foot and hand massage. You can start doing acupressure on his palms, gradually moving to the area of ​​special attention – the toes. It has long been believed that a woman who sucks a man’s toes binds him to her, because. they are one of the strongest male erogenous zones.

After the man reaches the highest point of relaxation, you can proceed to a full body massage. To do this, the man should lie on his stomach, and she should sit on it and slowly massage the back area – there are also two strong erogenous zones of the man (slightly above the coccyx and in the area of ​​​​the shoulder blades).

It is best to replace the work of the hands with kisses, because many "male points" are especially susceptible to kisses and caresses with the tongue. For example, the neck (the area that is closer to the back) and the ears (lobes, auricles, areas behind the ear) are very sensitive to strokes, from which there is a pleasant bliss throughout the body.

After your partner’s entire body has been caressed, you can begin to massage the genitals. There are many nerve endings on the head of the penis, which is why it is the most important erogenous zone of any man. Most of the stronger sex cannot resist when a woman touches their scrotum and testicles. Some like it when a woman squeezes her testicles strongly, while others like it when they are gently stroked with a tongue. Here it is better to adhere to the "golden mean" – to caress the genitals with fingertips, tongue, lips.

Below the testicles there is another erogenous zone – the perineum, where the prostate is located. Many men get real pleasure from the massage of this particular area. By the way, the prostate is very close to the anus, which many women try to avoid in their caresses. But in vain. By giving pleasure to your partner in the anus, you can achieve ejaculation.

In an intimate massage, you should not be guided only by instructions, you can expand the boundaries of the unknown, while showing your imagination. For example, strokes in the abdomen (just below the navel), despite the fact that this place in itself is not an erogenous zone, will bring a lot of pleasure to your partner. You need to look for the individual points of your man, because most men feel loved precisely through the gentle touch of a woman.

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