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Online store promotion rules


How to promote your store on the Internet?

It’s no secret that in the 21st century you can make money on the Internet. At the beginning of his journey, a person believes that it is considered impossible to promote his online store, find regular customers and outperform competitors. In fact, not everything is so scary.

First you need to understand that an online store should be as optimized as possible for search engines. Optimization is very important and will not require a lot of money. And the site after optimization will rise up by several positions. And the chance that the online store will be seen will increase significantly. Before optimizing, you need to select certain search engines, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

It is better to choose several search engines. If you approach optimization correctly, then another problem will be solved – this is a large number of pages in the online store. Usually, the search engine perceives many pages as non-unique. Experts advise starting with the semantic core, and then developing the pages based on the semantic core.

Online store promotion rules

It is useful to understand the structure of search engines. For example, the Yandex search engine pays great attention to the behavioral factor of users. Simply put, in an online store, goods should be useful to the target audience of site visitors, product descriptions should be written in understandable language. It is not recommended to use programs that will quickly help in promoting the store. Since there is a risk of being blacklisted by search engines.

What is SEO-optimization of an online store? SEO optimization is a set of actions that leads to raising the position of the site in search engines.

SEO optimization algorithm

1. In the site settings, set the parameters so that the page addresses are displayed correctly.

2. Structuring the online store and its departments.

3. Create a tree structure.

4. Apply tags on the page (headings according to the formatting form).

5. Tidy up product descriptions on each page.

6. All photos that are used in the online store must be unique, photoshop can help with this.

7. Find out the page loading speed in search engine results.

8. Pay attention to advertising. It is recommended to place information about your store in directories.

9. Create a section of help and useful tips, so buyers will be closer to sellers.

Online store promotion rules

How to choose a domain?

Experts believe that the domain zone has little effect on optimization. Professionals do not recommend beginners to choose a Russian-language name. It should be beautiful, sonorous and preferably not very long. "Whatever you call a yacht, that’s how it will float." When all this is taken into account, then you can buy a domain name.

How to create a semantic core of an online store?

There are two options here. Creation of a core based on the semantics of the store, or on a store that is already working to put on a framework of semantics.

Here is an example for a cosmetics shop

• The main request is an online cosmetics store.

• groups — buy cosmetics.

• subgroup — cosmetics by appointment.

Online store promotion rules

Commercial factor of online store optimization

The store should contain contact information, feedback from the client. It is also worth holding promotions or sweepstakes on sites and talking about them on your main page.

Online store promotion rules

External promotion of an online store

There are special exchanges where you can buy places to display external links of your online store. It is recommended to create groups or online store accounts and successfully promote them. Place information about products, discounts or promotions in them.

As a result, it turns out that promoting your store on the Internet is not so difficult. Of course, you need to make an effort, but it’s worth it!
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