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Prince Harry wants to date Jennifer Lawrence?


Prince Harry and Jennifer Lawrence: gossip bet on new couple

Prince Harry is one of the most desirable bachelors on the planet. Meanwhile, Pepper Hilton, Hollywood’s number one gossip, claims that the royal offspring himself is dreaming of… Jennifer Lawrence. New couple – is it possible?

In general, the news seems doubtful, but history has known cases when Hilton’s predictions turned out to be prophetic. According to him, the younger brother of the Duke of Cambridge is literally obsessed with the Oscar-winning actress and dreams of meeting her, despite an affair with Cressida Bonet.

By tradition, we quote informed sources:

Actually, it would be funny if they started dating. Just imagine: the charming grandson of Elizabeth II and one of the most promising stars of the modern film industry, who, moreover, has a strong character, even though most tabloids call her too down to earth.

And then, imagine how the media will start if the relationship of two celebrities does develop! It will be interesting to watch such a couple. Katherine, beware, you have a strong rival in the hearts of fans of the British monarchy!

Prince Harry wants to date Jennifer Lawrence?

Prince Harry: Dreaming of Jennifer Lawrence?

Prince Harry wants to date Jennifer Lawrence?

Is Jennifer Lawrence "the one" for Prince Harry?

Prince Harry wants to date Jennifer Lawrence?

Pepper Hilton Says Prince Harry Wants to Meet Jennifer Lawrence

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