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Pregnant Rooney Mara walking in Los Angeles


Rooney Mara

In May, Western media reported that Rooney Mara, 35, and Joaquin Phoenix, 45, would become parents for the first time. The couple, who already lead a rather closed lifestyle, did not appear in public together during this time, only sometimes the actress fell alone under the flashes of reporters.

Yesterday she was filmed on the street in Los Angeles. Rooney, who already had a noticeably rounded belly, was going to see a doctor. The expectant mother took care to minimize the risk of contracting coronavirus: she put on a protective mask. On the ring finger of the left hand, the stars can also be seen and the ring – a year ago it became known about the engagement of the couple. However, given their secrecy, it is possible that Joaquin and Rooney have already tied the knot.

Pregnant Rooney Mara walking in Los AngelesPregnant Rooney Mara walking in Los Angeles

If the press, which reported in May that Mara was six months pregnant, is to be believed, the couple’s first child is due in the coming weeks. Obviously, the lovers are unlikely to publicly share the news about the birth of the baby.

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix have been together for almost four years. They met in 2013 on the set of the film "Her", but the romance between them began only three years later. According to Phoenix, at first they communicated by e-mail and were pen pals.

Pregnant Rooney Mara walking in Los Angeles

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