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Winter decoration of the wedding table


How nice it is to get from the cold into the warm hall of the restaurant, where guests are waiting for stylishly and elegantly laid tables for a wedding banquet. Decorating a wedding table is no less important than choosing a dress or a restaurant. Therefore, it should be approached with all responsibility.

The winter wedding table is rightfully considered one of the most difficult to decorate. Indeed, in this season there is not that abundance of vegetation, as in other seasons. But then there are decor elements that are inherent exclusively in a white winter wedding.

First, choose the main color for decorating the festive table. This issue can be approached from two angles:

1. Bet on warm colors (yellow, golden, green, red) as opposed to cold winter shades.

2. Choose colors consonant with winter colors (blue, silver, white).

If you have decided on the color scheme, then it’s time to move on to thinking about the design details.

The table cannot be without a tablecloth. Now draperies from different types of textiles are in fashion, forming a soft, voluminous, multi-layered coating on the tables.

Tables will look exquisite if they are covered with thin shiny silver lace tablecloths.

Put some soft fabric, such as flannel, under the tablecloth.

Use napkins made from natural fabrics, no synthetics. How you fold them doesn’t really matter, as long as they unfold easily. The color of the napkins should be matched with the tablecloth or in a contrasting color.

Chairs can be decorated with elegant covers, ribbons, satin bows or capes.

Cards for guests are an essential attribute of serving. Just like napkins, they can be designed to match the tablecloth or in a contrasting color.

Compositions of flowers for a banquet table should be low so as not to block the view. Roses are the most commonly used. The original solution would be to use cineraria. This plant is distinguished by unusual leaves that will decorate the festive table. Another interesting plant is the poinsettia.

Pay special attention to the decor of the vases. Choose transparent vases, fill them with beautiful Christmas balls or decorate vases under frost using table salt.

In the store you can buy artificial frost in a jar and sparkles in spray cans.

The most winter fruits, of course, are tangerines. They are perfect for holiday tables.

Cones, fragrant green needles, viburnum or rowan berries will easily fit into the decor of a winter wedding.

Candles in delicate candlesticks or small floating candles in large transparent vessels decorated in a winter style will look interesting in a wedding decor.

By combining candles, ribbons, branches of needles and cones of different sizes, you can get a unique desktop winter composition.

Fill a champagne bucket with figured ice, which is tinted in the main color chosen for your celebration.

Place themed winter figurines on the tables: sleds, bears, snowflakes, snowmen…

It’s easy to shock guests with the beauty of a winter wedding table if you show a little imagination and put a piece of your soul into the decor.
Wedding, Wedding ceremony – one of the family rituals that formalizes marriage. Its social significance comes down to creating a new family for the purpose of procreation, establishing kinship, changing the family and age status and publicly recognizing the status of the spouses. It belongs to the most complex organized rituals. It combines linguistic, folklore-poetic, ritual, musical, visual and other plans.

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