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Every woman knows that sex on the first date is taboo. A man may consider a lady easily accessible, the hunter’s fire will go out in him, and it is difficult to prove that before that you did not have a thousand men. Therefore, many ladies delay sex to the last. How much do you need to pull, so as not to go too far? Psychologists say that not for long. After all, having felt that a girl will perceive sex as her most valuable ace, or that she turned on Dynamo, a guy can disappear beyond the horizon forever. 

When to get intimate? 

Steve Harvey in his book Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man advises against having sex for 90 days. Why torture men like that, gentlemen think, cursing Harvey? The showman claims that in this way the lady will be able to show the guy that she is a “goldfish". If she sunk into the soul of a man and he understands that this is serious, then he will wait three months. At this time, the writer advises taking a man to church and introducing him to children. 


Psychologists insist that not always Harvey’s advice can lead to good. After all, in practice, a strong and happy marriage can happen to people who slept on the first date. For those who pulled to the last relationship, it is highly likely that they will break up even before sex, or they may end in disaster in the future. This does not mean at all that you need to jump into bed with a man on the very first day you meet. This means that a woman should listen to her heart and think with her head. 

Determine the type of man

First, understand what type of man is in front of you. Conventionally, they can be divided into three types. 

Youngster. The guy definitely hasn’t moved yet. He may be eighteen, he may be forty. He may be a student or a millionaire. Doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he does not need a serious relationship, no matter how beautiful a lady you are. Such a guy can lower your self-esteem if, without recognizing him, you begin to dream of a serious relationship. After pulling you into bed, he can quickly leave in search of new victories. What to do? To perceive sex with him as pleasure or not to sleep with him at all. The main thing is not to deceive yourself, not to become attached and not to make plans with a handsome man. Intimacy with a "youngster" can be on any date, in fact, you have nothing to lose. 


Family. This type of men has long matured for a family and is actively looking for that one. The mother of his children, the mistress of the kitchen, his mistress. A family man will begin to look at you and analyze you from the very first date. You don’t have to appear easily accessible. It is unlikely that he would want his son’s mother to be a woman jumping into bed on a first date. Dressing to meet him is feminine, but not too defiant. If he makes a choice and wants to see you as his companion until the end of his days, he will wait as long as the first sex is needed. But if he understands that psychologically you are already ready, but you just turned on Dynamo, his feelings can quickly cool. 

Bachelor. The most interesting type. The guy is still walking, but he understands that he wants love and a serious relationship. He treats girls like beautiful ladies, looking for the one, but carefully studying them. He is in no hurry, but still he has long wanted not just sex, but affection and love. This type of guys will be especially sensitive to your "divorce". You need to “play” with him very beautifully and carefully. Try to be extremely honest and frank with this man. It’s important not to position sex as your most important gift. Then having received the sweetest, the man will no longer be interested in studying you. 

Remember that relationships are beautiful not only with sex. Do not torment the chosen one. On the other hand, it is still necessary to make you languish in anticipation of the beautiful. After all, the most delicious food happens only when you are really hungry.

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