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Questions to the groom at the ransom of the bride


In Russia, the wedding, with all the solemnity of this event, traditionally included playful rituals that helped guests from both sides to express themselves and get to know each other better. One of these rites, from which, in fact, the wedding ceremony begins, is the ransom of the bride. It is attended by the groom with his friends, who came for the bride to take her to the registry office, and the bride’s girlfriends, whose goal is to prevent this.

To get a bride, the groom and his friends will have to not only fork out, but also show their sense of humor, resourcefulness and speed of reaction. Girls ask the groom a question when buying the bride, they should not be serious and official so that the groom and his friends can prove themselves. The correct answer to each such question will allow them to approach the door, behind which the bride is waiting for the groom, one more step or one step.

As tests-questions, you can ask those that assume sufficient awareness of the groom: you can ask him about the size of the bride’s shoes, about the name of her boss, or ask him to give the full name of the mother-in-law and father-in-law. The groom can be asked to list his favorite color and flower, perfume, season, book or movie of the bride, ask about her preferences. You can also beat the fateful meeting of the young: let the groom name the exact date when they met, her place and circumstances.

Ask the groom to list the epithets that he can reward his beloved in different life circumstances, for example, when she cooks delicious borscht for him, goes fishing with friends, breaks his laptop, or accidentally drops something heavy on his leg. The groom’s friends can suggest to him the words that they themselves would use in these situations. Invite them to come up with 20 derivatives on her behalf, after the first ten such a task can become very funny and difficult.

The groom can be presented with a sheet of white paper, on which the bride and her friends each left their own lip print. The task of the groom will be to find the answer to the question as soon as possible: which of the prints belongs to his beloved. Each erroneous version is punishable by a fine. also, questions can be presented to him in the form of a chamomile, on each petal of which any date or number is written: the bride’s birthday, the date of the first meeting, the bride’s height, her waist size, favorite number, the number of best friends. Tearing off the petal, the groom will have to answer the question of what each inscription means.

Still, the bridesmaids should not be forgotten and try not to torment the groom too much with contests and tricky questions, and the bride, sitting behind a closed door, with expectation. It should be remembered that the wedding is just beginning, and everyone present will still have time to prove themselves.

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