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How lack of sex affects women’s health


Sex is an integral part of the life of every person, because this is the only way of procreation provided by nature. And, of course, it is a source of pleasure. The influence of sex on the psychological state is obvious. Women who live without intimacy with a man for a long time noticeably change in behavior. They become more irritable and callous. And what happens to the physical health of a woman with a long absence of sex?

In the case of a lack of sexual satisfaction in women, the level of male hormones increases. This manifests itself in increased oiliness of the skin, darkening and coarsening of body hair, the appearance or intensification of menstrual pain, exacerbation of PMS, increased fatigue and even apathy. With age, the lack of sex will make itself felt during menopause: the discomfort will be much stronger than with regular sexual activity.

Women can ignore the needs of the body. Experiencing a lack of intimate life, they load themselves with work, household chores, their own problems, other people’s problems. But fighting nature is stupid. In the end, it harms the female body.

Experts say that a woman’s uterus requires massage and contractions. Otherwise, “stagnation" occurs, problems with the blood supply to this part of the body, which leads to more serious problems. Fibroids may also occur. These are benign tumors of the uterus. In addition, prolonged abstinence can serve as a catalyst for identifying those health problems that are either mildly manifested or completely hidden. This is a kind of psychosomatic reaction of the body. That’s the minimum for which intimate relationships are needed in a woman’s life. Physical connection is just as important for psychological comfort, self-confidence, uplifting mood and relaxation.

If a woman does not have the opportunity to experience intimacy with a man, sex toys will come to her aid. There are so many of them now that anyone can easily pick up the copy she needs without any problems.

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