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Rules for successful career growth


1 Responsibly treat the choice of future profession

Before entering a university, think about whether your profession will be in demand when you finish your studies. It makes no sense to get a prestigious education if in the future you will not be able to get a job in your specialty. Of course, you can get a diploma just like that, “for show", but it’s much better to choose a direction that you like and will be relevant in the labor market.

2 Do what you love

Work should bring you not only a good income, but also pleasure. If it doesn’t, it’s not your job. Don’t be afraid to change jobs if you don’t like it. And if finding a new job is too risky for you, then learn to find positive aspects (even if very insignificant) in what you do.

3 If possible, get a second education

Having several diplomas in hand, it is easier to get a job. This does not mean that everyone without exception needs to get a second higher education. However, it is quite natural that the more different professional skills you get, the higher your chances for successful employment and self-realization will be.

4 Make the most of your interview

At the interview, try to present yourself correctly, demonstrating the maximum of your abilities. So you will not only increase your chances of getting the desired position, but also show the employer that you are a successful person. A person not only full of ambitions, but also able to realize them in practice.

5 Choosing a job based only on the size of the salary is not always justified

High wages can be associated with additional difficulties and some “pitfalls” – wages may be delayed, not paid in full, etc. If you are willing to endure these troubles for the sake of big money, that’s great. If not, don’t fret. It is much better to have a small but stable income.

6 The main thing is the right motivation

Ask yourself a simple question: “What am I working for?” It is very important to have the right motivation for work. Find a good incentive – and it will serve as a source of inspiration for you. And an inspired person is able to move mountains!

7 Add some creativity to your work

Over time, any work becomes routine. Getting used to the same type and patterned actions, you begin to work on automatism. It may not be that bad, but a little creativity never hurts. Getting creative with your daily routine will not only increase your ability to work, but will also help you develop as a person.

8 Be self-sufficient

Feel like a successful person – and you will become successful. For success, confidence in one’s own strengths, capabilities and faith in a favorable outcome of the work begun is extremely important.

Rules for successful career growth

9 Responsibility and diligence – the key to success

Approach the performance of your duties with the maximum share of responsibility – in this way you will earn respect from your superiors and, perhaps, even become their favorite. And for such people, the chances for career growth are rapidly increasing.

10 Watch Your Reputation

No matter what anyone says, but reputation is above all. It is very important not only to initially create a correct and favorable impression of yourself, but also to be able to maintain it. Try to stand out from the crowd of employees, thanks to your outstanding abilities, fresh ideas and quality projects.

11 When working in a company, be its ardent advocate

If you bring value to the company, you will always receive more preferences from the authorities, because you are a valuable employee. And each company treats such people with great respect and therefore is even ready to make some concessions to them.

12 Know how to exceed expectations

Learn how to make the most of your time and try to exceed management’s expectations. By raising your bar in this way, you will, as it were, signal to your superiors about the need for your career advancement.

13 Be Proactive

Don’t be afraid to take the initiative by suggesting new ideas – this will increase your chances of growing in the eyes of the leader. Active and purposeful people are always appreciated. And if your idea manages to bring real benefit to the company, promotion will no longer be just a dream for you.

14 Learn to correct your mistakes

If the boss, after checking your work, was dissatisfied – make every effort to correct your mistakes. Never give up. Don’t despair. And even more so, do not let management correct mistakes for you.

15 Keep evolving

Continuously improve your professional skills and abilities. This is perhaps the key rule of successful career growth. A real expert in his field has always been valued, and will be valued much higher than ordinary personnel.
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