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Seductive sex positions


Love games are an integral part of the intimate life of a couple. To attract the attention of a partner and his excitement, things like seductive sex positions are also used. They help to present your body in a more favorable light and make the process of foreplay more interesting.

Especially good, according to experts, sex positions in those moments when the couple has been together for quite some time. Indeed, after a certain time, a man and a woman already know each other well: their habits, characteristics and desires. And they especially need variety in bed.

What sex positions are the most seductive

Sex positions that are able to excite the imagination and increase the sexual activity of a partner, as a rule, are slightly rounded and feminine. So, for example, one of the leaders in the ranking is the various bends of the back. Men react to such poses at the subconscious level. Bends can be of different directions – you can bend beautifully while standing on all fours, you can very erotically lean against the wall, arching your back, etc.

The sexy back bend needs to be trained and practiced, otherwise, at the right time, you simply won’t be able to do it beautifully. And in the worst case scenario, you will generally get back problems.

The procedure for learning the correct back arch is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to practice the ability to stand correctly. To do this, you need to stand near the wall with your back, touching the support with your head (no need to raise your chin), straight shoulders, elbows, but not hands, buttocks, calves and heels. Try to move by straightening your back and lifting your chest slightly forward and up. Place your hand behind your spine and slightly push your back away from the wall. This will give you the perfect deep arch in your back.

Another sexual position is the ability to sit correctly. Ideal – the lady is relaxed and sits so that one leg lies on the other. The only thing to consider is that the legs should connect at the level of the knee. However, the higher the legs are crossed to the hip, the more interest will follow from the man. This is due to the fact that legs crossed high visually seem longer, slender and sexy.

Alternatively, you can sit with your legs crossed at the hips. True, the length of the skirt should be taken into account here – all secret places should be covered. After all, the main purpose of a seductive sexual position is to seduce, hint and tease, and not expose all your virtues.

The pose of a thoughtful lady who twists something in her fingers is also sexy. It is best if it is an oblong object. This is due to the psychological implication that Freud discovered, according to him, oblong objects carry the meaning of phallic symbols. And that in itself is an exciting sight.

A great option for a seductive sex position is sitting in an armchair and shaking a shoe. This is one of the most powerful and unambiguous erotic signals that a man can get from you.

What can be added to seductive sexual positions

If during the adoption of a particular position, the lady will make any touches, this will have a very strong effect on the man. So, for example, when a lady touches her body, arching her back invitingly, the gentleman has no choice but to read this non-verbal message as a call for closer contact. Alternatively, you can just accidentally shake a drop of water into the hollow in the neckline of your clothes.

You can also touch your partner. It is enough to lightly touch his wrist with your hand at the moment when you are sitting cross-legged on the chair, and that’s all – he is yours. Alternatively, you can simply give him something – a glass, a plate, fruit, etc.

Men consider the ability of a woman to breathe with him to the beat as a no less sexual signal. This is a very strong action on the part of the lady. The same applies to the ability to quietly move with the gentleman to the beat. And this is not about the bed. You can slightly mirror his actions. But not all ladies usually know how to do this.

To capture the imagination of a man, you need to train carefully and hard. The result that you can get will be very unexpected.

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