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Seven simple tips for getting married


Have you met an attractive man and are firmly convinced that he is the prince on a white horse? Do you want to live together and marry him? Then these tips will help you achieve your goals.

1 Don’t be in a hurry. Even if a man claims that he dreams of a family, he is already ready to share life together, to get to know his parents. Yes, he thinks so, but as soon as things start to happen, he may get scared of things going too fast and run away.

2 Don’t talk about your plans for the future with him. A man may not separate them and give back.

3 Do not show until the end how much he likes. Intrigue him, keep the zest – a man must conquer his woman. The forbidden fruit is sweet, and he will certainly want to "taste its taste."

4 Take care of yourself. Men love not only with the stomach, but also with the eyes. They like an elastic well-groomed body, smooth delicate skin, soft hair with a seductive subtle smell. Watch your speech and movements. Be feminine in everything.

5 Meet his friends and acquaintances, charm them and try to make friends with them. Never quarrel with a man and do not talk about his shortcomings in someone’s presence.

6 Do not tell a man about past illnesses and stories related to them. Believe me, it will be unpleasant for him to hear about gastric lavage after poisoning with "those mushrooms."

7 Imperceptibly, in small details, start creating comfort in his house. Morning breakfast, ironed shirt, made bed, small rug in the bathroom. After a while, the man will no longer be able to live without this care and is more likely to offer to move in with him.
Wedding, Wedding ceremony – one of the family rituals that formalizes marriage. Its social significance comes down to creating a new family for the purpose of procreation, establishing kinship, changing the family and age status and publicly recognizing the status of the spouses. It belongs to the most complex organized rituals. It combines linguistic, folklore-poetic, ritual, musical, visual and other plans.

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