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Replenishment of the family budget on maternity leave


The modern "baby boom" sets its priorities for women: after the birth of a child, a woman is obliged to spend several years at home raising her baby. It is difficult for some to come to terms with this and change the hard work schedule to the measured life of a mother on maternity leave, others are faced with a lack of funds, the rest just get bored – the reasons may be different, but most women one way or another begin to think about how they can contribute their share of family budget.

Business options on maternity leave

Today, there are many different business ideas on maternity leave. Before choosing, you need to determine your capabilities and desires.

Consider the most interesting options, their advantages and disadvantages.

Home kindergarten.
Your child is always with you
Good payback provided that there are no similar options in your area

Big responsibility for children. It is
necessary to pass a large number of checks and draw up a lot of documents.
A solid start-up capital is required for the purchase of furniture, renting an apartment.

Online store.
Minimum investment

Lots of competition

Toy rental.
New idea, no competition in small towns
Your child has a lot of toys

Quite a large investment for the purchase of toys
Frequent conflicts with customers (breakage and damage to toys)

Maintaining your own website
Minimum investment
An interesting and creative activity that brings pleasure

A lot of competition
Income will not be immediately, and only on condition that the site is visited enough

Creative self-realization

Much competition
Handmade is not as highly regarded

Copywriting – writing texts to order on stock exchanges
There are no investments

Not suitable for everyone, since writing texts requires literacy, perseverance, good imagination
Initial income is low

Freelancing by specialty – custom work (translations, web programming, design, etc.)
No investment
You do what you love

The customer may not pay

How to make a fairy tale come true
Many ideas for business at first glance seem easy to implement, however, when a person comes across them closely, disappointment often comes.
Why is this happening?
Anyone who is puzzled to start their own business on maternity leave needs to understand one thing: any business requires costs (material, mental, physical). It will not be possible to row money with a shovel without doing anything. Working on maternity leave will also require emotional costs, since you will spend less time with your child. You need to initially answer the question: are you ready for such sacrifices?

Also, you can’t give up at the first failure, you need to persevere and continue to go in the given direction, look for new options for solving pressing problems.
All people are different: someone swings only for dinner, and someone plunges into the abyss of affairs from the very morning. Working on maternity leave requires a mother to be highly organized: only having a solid daily routine can one succeed both in business and in raising children.
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