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Sex after an abortion: truth and prejudice


Every woman who has had a surgical abortion is immediately warned by doctors that for several weeks after the operation, significant physical activity, as well as intimate relationships, are strictly prohibited. After all, the uterus after an abortion is not protected and the tissues will tighten for about a month. This means there is a risk of serious infection. Yes, and after a pill abortion, it is recommended to refrain from sexual activity for several weeks (an average of 2-3 weeks).

But in fact, most women after an abortion do not have a desire to have sex, too many negative associations are associated with intimacy. In addition, there are a lot of prejudices that relate to having sex after an abortion. What can be considered myths, and what is true?

Opinion first. For a month after an abortion, it is almost impossible to get pregnant.
In reality, the situation is quite the opposite. Especially if we are talking not about surgical, but about medical abortion. In women who have had such an abortion, reproductive abilities are restored within two to three weeks after the termination of pregnancy. Even if a woman decides to leave the child this time, her ability to carry and give birth to a healthy baby will be negligible. By the way, you need to protect yourself for at least the next six months after the abortion, until the body recovers completely and the uterus returns to normal. Only then can a future pregnancy be planned.

Second opinion. A condom is the best method of contraception after an abortion.
It’s a delusion. The condom reliably protects against sexually transmitted infections, but as a contraceptive, it is not reliable enough. In order to choose the best option for preventing unwanted pregnancy, you should consult with a gynecologist and undergo an examination. There are a lot of options for contraception today, you just need to find the right one for a particular couple.

Third opinion. After an abortion, hormonal contraceptives should be used.
This is not a myth. Medications will not only help protect against the recurrence of pregnancy, but also stabilize the hormonal background, as well as help normalize metabolic processes in the female body.

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