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Sex during pregnancy

After becoming pregnant, many women try to keep sex to a minimum, because they believe that carnal pleasures can harm the baby. In fact, gynecologists and psychologists say that if a woman feels well, and her pregnancy is normal, nothing prevents her from making love for all nine months, right up to the birth itself. The fact is that the love games of father and mother a priori cannot harm the baby, because he is securely “hidden" behind a dense uterine wall, and the mucous “plug” prevents penetration into the uterine cervix. Of course, having experienced an orgasm, you can feel the crumbs moving, but in this way he responds to contractions of the uterine walls, and does not experience pain or show dissatisfaction with “adult games”. The pleasure received by the future mother has a very positive effect on her "bubbler".

Benefits of having sex during pregnancy

Receiving hormones of pleasure during sex, a woman "shares" them with the baby. Limiting herself in carnal joys, especially when she wants it, the expectant mother is irritated and in a bad mood.

When a woman is aroused, uterine circulation increases, resulting in more oxygen getting to the baby.

Measured movements during intercourse are very pleasant for the baby – as if he was being shaken.

Uterine contractions during orgasm are also of great importance, because in their origin they resemble labor pains. Often feeling mother’s orgasm, the baby reinforces the connection between uterine contraction and pleasant sensations. So, at the beginning of labor, the baby’s emotions will be positive.

Male enzymes and hormones contained in semen give elasticity to the walls of the uterus, which in the future protects the perineum from ruptures, improves disclosure and contributes to a faster recovery of the uterus after childbirth. 

After pregnant "training" of the uterus, contractions during childbirth will be much more productive.

Positions for having sex during pregnancy

In the first half of pregnancy, almost any poses are acceptable, the only ones embodied without acrobatic studies and with less intensity. When the tummy is rounded, it is better to choose one of the following positions.

Woman on Top

In fact, this is the familiar “Rider”, when a woman sits face to face on the hips of a lying partner. This position is comfortable even in the later stages. If it is difficult for a pregnant woman to move, she can lean on the man’s knees or hips. Alternatively, you can sit with your back to your partner’s face. Thus, a woman can effectively control the depth of penetration. 


On the side

This position becomes very comfortable when a woman’s belly has grown. The pregnant woman should lie on her side with her partner behind her. Making love in this position is absolutely safe for the fetus.


Sex from behind

The grown tummy will not bother you if you kneel down and rest your hands on the bed, allowing your partner to settle down behind. 


Halfway through

To take this position, the woman lies on her back, bending her knees and moving close to the edge of the bed, closer to the man who is kneeling near the bed. The stomach in this position does not interfere, the position allows you to relax and enjoy the partner’s additional caresses.

Do not deny yourself sexual relations during pregnancy, but remember that everything should be in moderation – without sudden movements and experiments. At the same time, your partner should be as caring and gentle as possible, and the process itself should give you exceptionally pleasant sensations.

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