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Preliminary caresses give both partners an indescribable subtle sensation before the onset of sexual intercourse. Through sexual games, partners can stretch out this special pleasure, waiting for heavenly sexual pleasure. Many people know that food and pleasure are intertwined. So why don’t we combine sex with food?

And in truth, in order to make the fire of passion even stronger, you just need to do what? That’s right – look in your refrigerator and notice the products that are suitable for our purposes. With the help of such products, you can add zest to foreplay, and your loved one will surely be surprised by such sexual foreplay. After all, this is something new, interesting, which is very important in sex.
 But before starting a full immersion in the world of sexual pleasure with the use of products, take note of a couple of practical tips:

  • For such occasions, it is best to prepare food in advance. After all, you don’t want to cut a banana or break a chocolate bar at the peak of passion.
  • Products should be light and not greasy. Grilled chicken will definitely be out of place for you.
  • The main point, use products exclusively as an attribute for sexual games. Don’t turn your foreplay into a full meal.

 And now, let me help you figure out which products are best to use during sexual games.
Alcohol and sex
It seems to me that everyone knows this combination. It is best to have a little less alcoholic drinks, but a little more sex. But the main thing is to know the measure in everything. In this case, alcohol will help you loosen up and relax. And you can completely trust your desires and erotic fantasies. I also want to say that alcohol in a small amount can increase the level of the hormone testosterone, which increases the sexual desire of both partners.
But be very careful. If you overdo it even a little with the amount of alcohol, there is a possibility of losing the sensitivity of the body, therefore, it will be very difficult to achieve an orgasm, which is unpleasant.
It is best to give preference to light and unobtrusive drinks (wine, champagne, liquor). With such drinks, you can slightly moisten the partner’s body, and then gently and erotically lick all the droplets with your tongue.
Fruits and sexSEX GAMES AND FOOD
Since ancient times, fruits have been considered companions of sex. In sexual caresses,
cherries, cherries and grapes were used. But the best and unsurpassed helpers for sexual arousal are strawberries and bananas.
The main thing is to prepare all the fruits in advance. It is best to cut the strawberries into halves and put on a saucer, and you can sprinkle with powdered sugar on top. If you use grapes, it is better to divide it into small branches and wash it in advance.
 You can use fruits to feed your partner, or draw figures on the skin and then lick them off with your lips and tongue.
Wow, how the cream turns on!
Whipped cream is probably the most used product during sex. To do this, it is best to purchase a ready-made can of cream in the store, which is sold to decorate confectionery.
Squeeze the contents of the balloon into a beautiful cup or saucer and lubricate the body, lips with your hand, dipping it in cream. To do this, it is best to take an erotic position and turn on your fantasy. Lick cream off each other slowly.
Awaken passion with fruit syrup
Ordinary sex can turn into an unforgettable magical show thanks to fruit syrup. To do this, you can purchase banana or strawberry syrup. Just remember that your bedding will be very difficult to wash, but it’s worth it.
The syrup can be used as a massage oil. Lubricate the partner’s body, massage with light and gentle movements and at the same time you can lick it with your tongue. It will bring you satisfaction, passion and an unforgettable night.
Chocolate and sex
Prepare the chocolate pieces in advance, it is best to use milk chocolate, it melts faster. Run chocolate pieces over your partner’s body, then lick it passionately.
Oysters and passion
These shellfish are strong aphrodisiacs that increase the desire and attraction of partners. Especially they are very fond of the stronger sex. Men love to watch women sucking on an oyster.
Ice and Sex
You should always have ice cubes in your refrigerator. Ice cubes during sexual intimacy, you can drive through all the partner’s erogenous zones. Believe me, such manipulations are very exciting. The only thing to avoid is the genitals. It doesn’t feel good there at all.
And finally, I would like to tell you that sexual games with food bring incredible sensations that both partners will remember for a long time. And most importantly, every time try to please your partner with variety!

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