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The question of the possibility of sex on a first date is one of the favorite topics raised during women’s and men’s gatherings. At the same time, the opinions of the sexes on this matter differ. For the most part, women bashfully answer that “this is unacceptable," and only a few are not afraid to admit that they are sometimes ready to admit such a possibility, if they really want to. Men, on the other hand, are generally not supporters of delaying sex for a long time, because, as true "hunters", for the most part they are happy to put a pretty girl to bed on the very first evening, not seeing anything shameful in this. 

Sex on the first date: do or don’t

What does the statistics say about this: about 55 percent of the ladies at least once in their lives found themselves in bed with a man they liked on their first date. True, about half of those later regretted their "haste". Despite the fact that we live in the age of the sexual revolution, sexologists say that by surrendering to a partner on the first date, women in half the cases deprive themselves of the second and, accordingly, the development of relationships. Men, considering such girls as easily accessible, cease to consider them as lovers.

Whether you deny the possibility of sex on the first date, considering such a rush to be immoral, or sometimes you tend to “throw yourself into the pool with your head”, it’s hard to say whether you are right or not. After all, such spontaneous sex has both its pluses and minuses.

Sex on the first date: the pros

After talking with a man, you immediately understand whether the person attracts you or not. If the young man has disappointed, you need to quickly wrap up the meeting and say goodbye, and if you have aroused sexual interest, why not end it with bedtime fun? We only live once, to hell with conventions and decency!

After spending a week meeting with a potential sexual partner, in the end, you can find out that you are not suitable for each other sexually – your sexual appetites do not match, you do not like each other’s sizes or sexual preferences. Isn’t it better to immediately find out if this man is worth your attention?

Sex on the first date can be a way to assert yourself. A woman thus “says” that she is not a bore who takes care of herself before marriage, but a decisive and strong-willed person who herself chooses a partner and gives him herself as a jewel. Women who assert themselves in this way are most often not interested in developing relationships.

If you were not going to bring the matter to sex, but wanted to limit yourself to “trial” kisses, however, the process of exchanging them both started up in earnest, is it worth it to cool down painfully, and after a couple or three days, return to the interrupted lesson, not because of a burst of passion, but because now you can? Some people think not.

Sex on the first date: cons

Compared with the advantages of hasty sex, its disadvantages for most women who are in a serious relationship look more impressive: 

Sex on the first date is very rarely a pleasure. The fact is that the couple is just getting to know each other, trying to make a favorable impression and worrying about it. Sexual contact on a similar emotional background may be accompanied by a lack of erection, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, etc. As a result, a couple may be disappointed in each other, and if you don’t rush, everything can turn out differently …

If a new acquaintance persistently drags you to bed, most likely this is an ordinary collector who only met with you to add to his list of "wins". A guy who is interested in a serious relationship will not rush to transfer the girl he likes to a horizontal position, no matter how much he wants to. 

By agreeing to have sex with a stranger, you spoil your reputation. And it doesn’t matter if you live in a small village where you can earn the “bad fame” of an easily accessible girl, or in a big city where your friends will not know about your “adventures”. It is important to respect yourself, and then others will respect you.
Men in most cases consider a girl who agreed to have sex on a first date to be “easy prey”, with whom only an easy relationship is possible. Whether to try to deceive the statistics is everyone’s business, but having suffered with your desires at least until the 2nd date, you are much more likely to have a third date.

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