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Do you want your wishes to come true? Then on New Year’s Eve you should have everything special. New delicious salads, beautiful makeup, the right dress. And, of course, good New Year’s sex. New Year is hard to imagine without this joy. You can please your loved one if you buy yourself erotic lingerie and … a snow maiden costume. Many men will be delighted with sex with the Snow Maiden. Such a young and naive granddaughter of Santa Claus. You will also definitely enjoy the role-playing game. What rules should be remembered?


Fatal snow maiden or cute snow maiden?

First, figure out what kind of sex you want. Are your hormones playing? Want a violent orgasm, are you burning with passion? Then play the role of a depraved snow maiden. Buy stockings, erotic lingerie, a fur coat. Do bright makeup. And pester your man all night. If you are celebrating the New Year in a company, then put on a light Snow Maiden coat over your underwear. Go into the kitchen with a man, bring a salad, open your fur coat and beckon him with a look. Be prepared for the fact that the chosen one is excited. And will wait for your solitude. 


If you want good old traditional sex, then pay attention to the details of the costume and image. Get a nice haircut. Play the role of a kind and sweet mistress of the Snow Maiden. A man can be struck by your naivety and innocence. 


Try to try new positions and fulfill the desires of a man. To do this, you should not drink too much alcohol. Also, make sure that your loved one does not get drunk. After all, he will forget all your efforts and will not appreciate the preparations. Please the man with oral caresses, be active in all poses. By the way, if the gift disappointed you, then you can try less. And if you made him happy, tell the man that it was this that inspired you to thank him. Then another equally wonderful surprise will be waiting for you at Christmas. 



Pick up the music and dance a striptease for your chosen one. But be sure to leave some detail of the costume on yourself. After all, a man should have sex with the Snow Maiden, and not with Eva. 

Happy New Year!

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