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Shopping: pleasure or mania?


A favorite thing for many women is shopping. You don’t even have to buy something, just look at things. It’s like reading glossy magazines – you need to be in the know. But sometimes the border between the pleasure of shopping turns into a mania. It is necessary not to miss this moment in your own priorities and stop it in the bud.

Shopaholism can be safely regarded as a disease. Such a special type of drug that looks completely harmless from the outside, but in fact causes psychological dependence no worse than banned substances. And as in any disease, it is also important not to miss the first “symptoms". The main ones are the constant thoughts that you must definitely buy something, and irritability if you cannot afford it. Although, as practice shows, a shopaholic will always find funds to buy, even if he is literally left without a loaf of bread. This is the main danger of this disease.

Other symptoms – you experience an inexplicable feeling of delight when you look at the windows with bright inscriptions or shiny accessories, if after a little stress you go to "calm down" in the store. If you spend most of your free time in the store, think about it, is it time for you to change priorities?

There are shopaholics who buy basically the right things like clothes. But most often, such a person’s house is filled with unnecessary clothes, without which it would be quite possible to do without. The situation is exacerbated if a person addicted to shopping has an unlimited amount of money.

In order not to turn into a shopaholic and get only pleasure from shopping without harming your material well-being, you just need to accustom yourself to spend money wisely. Don’t buy a thing as soon as you like it. Walk, think, or maybe even go home, and return to this thought in the morning. No wonder they say that the morning is wiser than the evening.

Go to the grocery store with a list, and in no case go beyond it. This will not only save you from psychological addiction, but also help you save a lot of money. Don’t take extra money with you. Going to work, take exactly for travel and lunch. So you will not be tempted to stroll through the boutiques in the evening.

Try to make it a habit, and over time you yourself will notice that spending money in moderation brings no less pleasure. You will be able to spend more on your vacation and loved ones. But if you feel that nothing helps, and you are drawn to the store with the same force, contact a specialist, do not try to get rid of shopaholism on your own.

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