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The battle for the Oscars: the main intrigue of the upcoming award


Who will receive the coveted golden figurines?

On March 27, the main event in the world of cinema will take place – the American Film Academy will present awards to the best representatives of the film industry. allforwomen.inform.click will tell you about the main contenders for the Oscar 2022. Have you already had time to evaluate these works on the big screen?

Cheer for our

Before we move on to the main nominations, we want to note the fact that this year the project of director Anton Dyakov will compete for the victory in the nomination "Best Animated Short Film". The animation work was called "Boxing Ballet". The film has already managed to participate in several festivals and win major awards. The author unfolds before the viewer the story of two opposites – the boxer Eugene with the typical appearance of a wrestler and the refined ballerina Olga. They are completely different, but this is what helps them find each other. Although the story is simple in its essence, the excellent work of animators and screenwriters does not leave anyone indifferent, even the strict jury of the American Film Academy.

Best movie

Choosing the brightest pictures in each nomination, we couldn’t pass by Jane Campion’s film Power of the Dog. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Thomas Savage, the director unfolds a tough drama in the western genre on the screen. The main stars of the picture are Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst. The film has several serious nominations at once, but many critics agree that Campion will still receive a statuette for directorial work.

The battle for the Oscars: the main intrigue of the upcoming award

Another bright representative in the nomination is the film "Dune", in which the main stars of our time took part – from the sophisticated Timati Chalamet to the brutal Jason Momoa. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert. The book itself became a hit at the time. The film has a fairly high chance of winning the main nomination, but the competition this year is incredibly tough.

The battle for the Oscars: the main intrigue of the upcoming award

Best Actress

In this nomination, the struggle is no less hot. Two pictures attract the most attention. One of them is Spencer. The film tells about three days in the life of Princess Diana. The release of this drama was awaited not only by fans of the British royal family, but also by viewers who love biopics. Kristen Stewart played the lead role. The role of Diana helped the actress to open up even more professionally, which was also noted by the jury of the film academy.

The battle for the Oscars: the main intrigue of the upcoming award

The second important picture in the nomination is “The Unknown Daughter". The directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal, who decided to make a touching and deep picture about motherhood. The film is a film adaptation of the novel by Elena Ferrante. The main role was played by the inimitable Olivia Colman, who in recent years has been collecting all the major awards in the world of cinema. Both actresses have every chance to replenish the piggy bank with the main award of this year.

Best Actor

In the case of the best actor, an equally desperate battle flares up. Critics call the already mentioned Benedict Cumberbatch in "Power of the Dog" the strongest contenders, followed by Will Smith with a leading role in the film "King Richard". Biopic by Marcus Green tells about the father of Venus and Sirena Williams Richard. Smith last raced for an Oscar 15 years ago, who knows, maybe he’ll pick up the award as early as March.

The battle for the Oscars: the main intrigue of the upcoming award

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