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For some, this may seem like a great tragedy. After which it is impossible to survive, and someone gathered with the last strength and moves on. And what to do in a situation where forces are running out, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

Most modern women live according to the work-home principle, and they continue to work at home, constantly cleaning, washing, cooking and nursing children.

And all because there is no one to rely on. The crisis, the constantly unstable financial situation in the country, all this and much more makes the male half of the population lose faith in themselves and their abilities. The minimum number of men can boast that in a difficult moment they pulled themselves together and found a new business that consistently brings the desired income. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men prefer to be content with the minimum, which means they earn extra money and earn money. And it’s even worse if the beloved, losing faith in himself, stops moving on, and stays at home, lying in front of the TV with a bottle of beer, waiting for better times.

And what is the right thing to do in this case? How to give impetus so that the husband begins to act, otherwise men’s duties will also fall on women’s shoulders. And the children, seeing the inaction and apathy of their father, will refuse to study and go further up the ladder of life.

You can, of course, refuse such a life, leave without solving problems, but where is the guarantee that this will not happen in a second marriage? Running away is not a solution to problems. The only right thing to do is to analyze the entire joint life path, start from the very beginning, when everything was wonderful, and the husband was the embodiment of masculinity and reliability. What changed him? Why doesn’t he want to work now? It so happened that spouses compete in family life, in most cases this happens on the subconscious, but the outcome can be unpredictable. Since men are leaders by nature, seeing how a wife brings more income to the family, is more successful and in demand, some can experience this inside themselves, while others can simply break down. Acting every day as a saw, constantly blaming your spouse for weakness is not an option.

You should always remember that you are a woman who by nature should be weak and vulnerable. If high feelings have not left you yet, then it’s worth the risk! Of course, it’s hard and scary to quit your favorite job, which consistently brings income, but it’s worth it. Let the man understand that he is a support for you and a wall behind which you need to hide, let him solve problems. Do not forget that it is important for him to know and constantly hear that he is not like everyone else, that another in his place would put an end to everything and drink himself, but he resisted. Do not neglect the slightest reason to consult with your husband, let him feel himself in charge. But in no case do not force him that there is not enough money and everything is bad, otherwise you will remain to blame for all the troubles and his failures. Be patient and be on the alert,

And remember, “a man is a head, and a woman is a neck", which means everything is in your hands!

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