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The sexiest woman alive


The competition for the title of the sexiest woman is held in various print publications and is covered in electronic media. Winners are always different. For example, the November issue of Esquire magazine published a series of candid photos of the winner – Rihanna – taken by Russell James. She wears short leather shorts and high boots, does not recognize underwear, dyes her hair red and behaves provocatively. Loves to shock men. But the title of the most desirable was not awarded to her alone.

Each century had its own standards of female attractiveness. The struggle for first place was conducted invisibly between all the fair sex. Constant improvement led to victory, and the losers tried to imitate and look even better in order to take the palm for themselves in the future.

A fair-haired lady of the Middle Ages in a floor-length dress and an accessible fat woman from a roadside tavern caused the same thrill among the knights. Which of them in their concept was the sexiest woman? It is impossible to give an answer to this, the preferences of men are individual. At all times, femininity, naturalness and inner beauty were valued.

In previous years, Esquire magazine held competitions for the title of the sexiest woman every year, the tradition continues today. The sexiest women were considered: Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry and other equally eminent personalities. In 2011, the title went to actress Minka Kelly.

Rihanna is not the first to act in compositions with provocative titles and explicit video clips. To obtain the status of Sexiest Woman Alive in Esquire, the singer made a lot of efforts and starred naked in a special video. In parallel with the release of the next issue, a short video was released. The idea was to stir up interest in a number dedicated to the new sexiest woman in the world. In the frame, the singer is naked, covered in mud, demonstrating the “goods with her face" so that no one doubts her sexuality. There were critics who did not hide their dissatisfaction with the behavior of the singer and compared her behavior with bad manners.

Shooting Rihanna for the cover took place at the end of July. The day before, a record appeared on Twitter on behalf of the singer about the need to follow a diet. Ri told fans that she did a thorough epilation and shed a few pounds in just a couple of days. Many denounced the unhealthy lifestyle, but Rihanna didn’t listen and continued to record her preparation. She clarified that for a beautiful angle in the photographs, a flat stomach and beautiful skin are needed.

Among fans, there is still an opinion that Rihanna bypassed, for example, Megan Fox for a reason. However, in the photo for the Armani Jeans advertising company, the singer can be seen with a short-haired platinum blonde. And this is a real mix of conciseness and sex appeal.

Men’s magazine FHM also published an impressive list of the world’s sexiest women in the first half of 2012, calling the British singer and actress Tulisa Kontostavlos the most attractive for men. An interesting fact is that in 2010 she took only the 15th line in the rating of the same name. This time, her sexuality was appreciated.

"Maxim" relied on the opinion of male readers in absentia, surveys and questionnaires were conducted. According to the results of the audience voting, the most desirable woman of 2012 was revealed – model Bar Refaeli. This girl was desired by more than 50% of fans of the printed edition. Passions and intrigues unfold around her, men dream of being with her, but the beauty’s heart is still free.

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