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All people are very different. Everyone behaves differently in the same situations. Very often, even in sex with one partner, different women react to his similar caresses in a different way. Know that the so-called frigidity or erotomania has nothing to do with it. Why so? Everything is very simple, the point here is the type of sexual temperament.

The sexual life of the spouses themselves is of great importance for the marriage union.

“Marriages are made in heaven," says the popular saying, but if everything is not going smoothly in intimate life, then such a marriage can break up at any moment. It is a pity that few people understand that sex is very important in family life. It affects the mood of the spouses, work, communication between them. If the spouses are doing well in bed, then this marriage should be happy. One of the most important success factors in the intimate life of a husband and wife is the compatibility of the temperaments of a man and a woman.THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEMPERAMENT IN SEXThe trouble or joy (it all depends on the situation itself) is that it is innate and it will not be possible to change it, unless you can make some adjustments of your own. The type of temperament depends on the amount of hormones. As you understand, it is almost impossible to change this on your own, therefore, if you want to consciously increase or decrease sexuality without harm to the psyche, do not try, you will not succeed.

Marilyn Monroe wanted to be a sexy diva not only on the screen, but also in life. She began to exhaust herself with endless love affairs, which in fact she did not need. All this led to a nervous breakdown. Today, medicine allows you to do various tests. Today, doctors would have found her to have a low estrogen profile (the level of female sex hormones). Such women, as a rule, have a low temperament in sex. To achieve an orgasm with such a temperament, you need to try hard.

Women with high estrogen levels are more fortunate.

They are relaxed in bed, energetic and like to dominate. Orgasms are rare. We must remember about another type of women – nymphomaniacs. They cannot live without sex. This is not quite a normal state, but it is adequately perceived in society. Men often discuss such women and think that there are a lot of them. In fact, this is not so – about one in 2500. So, the famous German psychiatrist of the 19th century, Richard von Kraft-Ebing, had a patient who had 10-15 sexual contacts per day.

Scientists, today, distinguish three types of sexual temperaments: high, medium and low. The peculiarity of each of them is that it has special sensations that are not characteristic of the other.

Let’s try to give a brief description of each type of temperament.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEMPERAMENT IN SEXSo, high sexual temperament is characterized by constant sexual desire and the need to experiment in bed. People with it mature quickly and tend to have sex early (around age 12-13). In adulthood, representatives of this type want sex every day and do not get tired of doing it until old age. Women with this temperament are not very fond of foreplay, they do not need them. Such ladies desire the process itself. Men, be careful, leaving such a woman alone for a few days or even less, you risk being betrayed by your woman. She cannot be alone and constantly needs affection and care.

Low sexual temperament – not the best type of the above.

Representatives of this type begin to have sex late. Sex is not the most important thing in their life, they have much more important things to do. Sexual intercourse in such people can happen once a month, it is enough for them. They can abstain from bed caresses for a long time. For them, the main thing is to find a suitable partner and for life. As a rule, such people are faithful to their half. It is difficult with a woman of low sexual temperament, she needs long foreplay, she reaches orgasm quite hard, a man should know her erogenous zones well. Such women bring unearthly satisfaction to their man, and they are very romantic natures.

Representatives of the average sexual temperament, there are the largest number.

People with this temperament don’t bother much about sex. They do it two or three times a week. At a young age, they often change sexual partners, and in adulthood they get used to one person. Although, the opposite happens. People with an average sexual temperament are about 80%, and with high and low – 10% each. There are people who don’t need sex at all. These include 1% of the population.

It is important that there is sexual compatibility of temperaments.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEMPERAMENT IN SEXThe most ideal solution is people with the same sexual temperaments. Partners with neighboring temperaments look good – high and medium, medium and low. As you understand, high and low types of temperaments almost always feel discomfort. For example, a low person will consider his half, with a high, real maniac (maniac, as an option). Conversely, a person with a high will think that his other half, who is with a low type, is not entirely truthful in his feelings. Partners with the same temperament will have something to talk about and something to do in bed, whether it’s every day or once a month (depending on the types of temperament).

Draw your own conclusions if you are still looking for your partner.

Take a closer look, and in this way you can make your life much better. When we get to know a person, we pay attention to eye color, hair color, clothes, his earnings. The first thing you need to find out for yourself is the type of temperament of a man. Everyone knows that the quality of life largely depends on the sexual life. If you have harmony with your partner in bed, then everything will go well with you everywhere: both at work and on vacation. Remember this always.

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